5 Tips That Can Be Helpful To Plumbing Problems

Helpful To Plumbing Problems

April 14th, 2021   |   Updated on April 3rd, 2023

Do you wish to be in a position to fix some home plumbing issues or at least be a DIY plumbing expert? This could be one way to save plumbing costs by taking care of an overflowing toilet or a dripping faucet by yourself.

Also, you can be in a good position to take care of plumbing problems when they occur before it is a problem only a professional can solve. If you have the right tools and tips this can be possible.

This will come in handy to solve some small leaks and clogs without the need for a professional. However, it is wise to still have a plumber’s number for you may encounter a problem that you cannot tackle. Below are tips that you will find useful to some plumbing problems in your home.

Replace Parts Inside Your Faucet And Toilet

Many people are afraid to replace the parts in their faucets and toilets. However, if you have the right parts to replace, taking apart pipes under the shower and sink is easy but can end up messy if you make a mistake.

Also, there’s is rarely any major damage that can happen as you replace the faucets cartridge or your toilet flapper.

When you have a worn flapper it will cause leaks between the toilet bowl and tank and you can easily fix them.

Sometimes it is not as hard to replace and thus if you hear the sink dripping frequently, get the right industrial parts and replace them immediately.

Loosen Water Pipe Fittings With Heat

Can’t you get the pipe fitting under the sink loose no matter how best you try? When you have a hardened fitting, it may be impossible to budge the fitting even when you use all the strength you have.

In such a case, apply heat to help loosen and solidify the pipe dope. Use a propane torch, but you need to be constantly applying heat before you see any progress.

To protect nearby walls, use material that is heat resistant. Although it seems obvious, use heat only on metal water pipes, not on plastic fittings and pipes or gas pipes.

Sort Showerhead For Issues

How do you go about fixing showerhead issues? For instance, if you have a dripping showerhead, an easy way to fix it is with thread tape as it may be the threads are not connecting tightly.

To do this, unscrew the showerhead, apply the new tape and reattach to stop the dripping.

If you find the showerhead clogged, soak it in warm water and vinegar for at least half an hour. Then brush to loosen the deposits that are causing the blockage.

Make The Water Heater More Efficient

One way to make the water heater run efficiently is to check the thermostat to ensure it is not set so high. You can go down to 120 degrees and it will be enough hot water to serve your needs.

To ensure you have your hot water staying hot for long, insulate your water heater tank but careful enough not to cover the thermostat. If where you live sediments collect in the lines.

To get rid of this, drain at least a quart of water from your tank at least once every three months. To do this, turn your water heater off and open the drain into a bucket or a steel bowl.

By doing these, sediments that settled at the bottom of the tank will be removed to make your water heater run more efficiently.

Use Thread Tape And Forget Thread Sealing Compounds

Thread sealing compounds can smear and drip and so it is best to opt for thread tape. So, if you are doing plumbing projects that involve pipe threads around the home, thread tape will work better.

Choose the multipurpose tape that is white. For the thicker tape, the pink is for water and the yellow one for gas. For easier handling, choose the thicker ones.

As you use the thread, roll it counterclockwise around the threads to do it properly. For the best results, wrap your tape around the pipe threads at least three times.