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How To Tell If Your Hotel Needs Technological Boost

Hotel Needs Technological Boost

Published on October 3rd, 2019

With the changing habits of travelers, hotel technology has also evolved immensely. From online reviews and ratings to managing daily hotel operations, hotel technology has a solution for everything.

So, how do you know whether or not you need to invest in hotel technology? If you see the below listed 5 signs, it means your hotel needs a technological boost for sure.

1. Struggling With A Smaller Audience

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If you are struggling to expand your small audience pool, online marketing is what you need. Hotels today are investing heavily into online activities as these promise higher returns on investment.

Build a digital business model which markets your property to the tech-savvy traveler of today. Search engine marketing, email marketing and social media integration can help you reach out to a wider audience base and boost your hotel’s growth.

2. Inability To Keep Pace With Competitors

With the tough competition and dynamic market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for hoteliers to offer competitive pricing, manage room availability etc. Technology has a perfect solution to this.

For instance, hotel revenue management software can help you set rates based on supply, demand and competition. It offers an easily accessible combined view of your hotel rates as compared to your competitors.

3. Negligible Amount Of Direct Bookings

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If you are unable to drive direct bookings, you really need to look for suitable technological support. Direct bookings are one of the most important criteria for hotel owners since they also influence the number of loyalty bookings.

Metasearch and mobile sites are effective and economical distribution channels which help drive substantial proportion of direct bookings.

Also, an efficient booking engine and a well-designed user-friendly website can improve the number of direct bookings.

4. Everyday Operations Are In A Mess

Is your rate management system in a mess? Do your guests complaint often about housekeeping? Daily hotel operations like managing reservations, front office, analytics etc. are demanding.

Digital innovations such as hotel revenue management software increase employee productivity and enhance guest experience.

Especially a technology such as the Property Management System can adapt to your hotel’s specific needs so that you can adapt the rates to suit your business and the dynamic market conditions.

5. Poor Online Presence

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Is your hotel website ancient? Are there queries and reviews on your social media platforms which are unanswered since months? Poor online presence can cause more damage to your hotel’s reputation than you can ever imagine.

Today, almost everybody reads the reviews of the hotels before booking. Hence, a good online presence is crucial for your hotel’s survival and growth. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Revamp your website and social media platforms to make them attractive and user-friendly.
  • Share customer testimonials, photos of your hotel, respond quickly and appropriately to queries and reviews. These can help improve your online reputation.
  • Get a rating tool which can source ratings from across the web and provide an impartial score. Online ratings can not only help you predict future booking trends but also offer valuable insight into the quality of your guest experience.

In a nutshell, technology can help you enhance internal as well as external factors which affect the growth of your hotel business.

Author Bio:

Karan Iyer is an end-to-end digital marketer and blogger who inherently understands the hotel industry with his hospitality background.

Karan knows how to convert the pain points and challenges of the hotel industry into business opportunities, and that’s what he writes about for his readers. He also shares industry trends, insights and news to help his readers stay up-to-date.