How To Fix Duplicate Content For eCommerce SEO

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August 30th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Today, having an eCommerce business is not about having an online store and selling your products. Mostly, that’s it, but there are numerous other things to think of before embarking on this journey.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai are trying to explain to their clients that having engaging content is of the utmost importance for good sales, but they’re also trying to explain how to avoid having duplicate content or even thin/low-quality content.

There are numerous startups in the UAE since the UAE has become one of the best countries in the world to start a company, and the best digital agency Dubai can be found in the UAE.

They will give you all the information you require about how the content you need must be the best possible, and how to avoid low-quality ones.

By hiring professional content writers if you’re not up for the job yourself, you will see the difference they’ll make.

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Be Aware Of The Basics


By knowing the basic rules of content writing, you should be able to avoid numerous pitfalls and acquire at least some basic sense of how everything works in the world of search engines and their algorithms.

Using Google Analytics can be of help for data gathering, and there are differences between the Standard and Premium version that you can see on this link

Since search engines nowadays are becoming smarter, they will reward your website if your content presents itself to search bots for indexation as a quality and unique content.

How Can We Discover Duplicated Content

According to digital marketing companies in Dubai, duplicated content can present itself in various ways.

We’ll mention some of the most common ways to have duplicated content within your website.

Duplicated URLs

This is a common issue that can occur when two different URLs are leading users to the same website. Here’s an example of duplicated URLs: &

Google will see these as two different links leading to two different pages with precisely the same content.

Copy & Paste Information From Another Source

In case you’ve copied some (or even all) information from another source and pasted it into your webpage, Google will flag your content as a duplicate.

Also, if you add a source link explaining where did you get your content from or if you have quoted some text from another website, Google will still consider this as duplicate content and may even penalize your site for having duplicate content.

Don’t Use Manufacturer’s Product Descriptions

duplicate marketing

One of the most common ways for eCommerce sites to make duplicated content is if they use the manufacturer’s product descriptions entirely.

The main problem here is that the manufacturer is selling these products elsewhere as well.

This means that other websites use the same product description as you do, which will make Google consider it as duplicated content.

All of this will rank you and your competition down, and the last thing you need for your eCommerce store is to offer users with plagiarized materials.

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How To Get Rid Of The Duplicate Content

In this section, our digital agency Dubai will explain how to fix all duplicate content problems one by one, so keep reading.

URL Issues Fixed

If you want Google to know that there are no duplicates amongst different links on your website, you should use 301 Redirects.

This tool provides information to search engines about which URL that lead to a particular website is the original one and connects all others to it. Page’s status will alter to “Moved Permanently” once you’ve applied 301 Redirect, and in case you wish to move it temporarily, then you should apply 302 redirects.

In case you’re using WordPress, there are various plugins you could use instead of using the redirect code.

This will inform Google that you’re using unique content on different websites, and you’ll also strengthen your website’s content.

Showing Google The Information Source By Applying Canonical Tags

A page-level meta tag that should be placed inside the HTML header of a website is called a canonical tag.

The canonical page further gives relevance and reference to the main page, and it’ll help Google to pick a page that is more relevant.

So, by using the canonical tag, the main page will be ranked higher than the canonical page for a specific search.

Applying Meta Robot No Index

By applying meta robot no-index tag, you’re telling Google: “Do not rank these links.” The links won’t be SEO optimized, but you’ll avoid penalization from Google.

As long as these links aren’t indexed, your eCommerce won’t be affected.

Consider Hiring Professionals

In case you need more help or any further assistance with fixing duplicate content for your eCommerce store, contact our digital marketing agency Dubai.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with our professional team that will give you heads up on how to solve any issues you have.

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