How To Stay Fit If You Have No Time For A GYM


November 27th, 2019   |   Updated on March 3rd, 2020

Year to year, we intend to start a fit and healthy physical workout. We usually follow this up with a trial membership that we stick to until reality hits us with the busy timetables.

It is a tragic tale that discourages us from discipline when we need to be physically active. Therefore, here are some genius ways of finding time to workout.

Genius Ways To Be Physically Active Outside The GYM

1. Sleep And Drink Water


The reason we have difficulty getting in any workout time to stay fit and healthy is that our sleep routine is unstable.

A well-rounded, healthy life depends on how well your time is managed, and sleep deprivation makes being productive a hard task.

So, if you’re able to catch up on lost sleep, then you will have enough energy to be physically active, whether it will be in the gym or outside of it.

Another healthy way to boost your metabolism, regardless of whether you are a Gym expert or not, is to consume up to 8 glasses a day.

We may become quite irritable and lose our focus when we are dehydrated, and we cannot stay fit and healthy this way.

So, it is no surprise that to stay fit and healthy becomes impossible without a drink to revive us.

Once you figure out your healthy sleep patterns and rehydrate appropriately, then you are on your way to make a healthy revolution when finding time to stay fit.

2. Go The Extra Mile

Walk, crawl, or run the extra mile to stay fit and healthy. Ditch your car, say goodbye to your Uber driver and the shortcuts to work.

These are the simple conveniences that you could refuse to stay fit after a comprehensive workout as we traverse between work and home.

This ensures we are always on the move, that we stay fit and healthy. You can also opt for a bicycle as it gets your muscles fit, in motion and accelerates growth and stamina.

3. Stay On The Move

growth mindset

The best way to accomplish the little tasks on your checklist, such as calling your bank, making a hotel reservation and other technical calls can be made on your feet.

To stay fit and healthy when you have no time to work out requires to take advantage of the little things.

Be active by pacing around your home as you call or take your phone on a healthy stroll around your backyard or conference room when you reply to urgent emails.

Sitting behind the desk and worrying about your to-do list isn’t good for you.

4. Do Some Healthy Fitness Practice Before The Shower

Get your body fit and sweating as you run the bath and let your water warm up. You don’t have to feel like you showered for no reason when you can perspire, stay fit, and earn a good warm bath.

Ensure the edge of your tub is dry enough to be a support as you exercise. Set healthy 5-minute timers for each routine to workout, including triceps dips, incline push-ups, and wide-arm incline push-ups.

You may also do curls and scissor arm workouts for your biceps to stay fit and healthy.

Tips For How To Be In A Good Shape

1. For An Upper Body – Healthy Push-Ups


Push-ups are a package deal for healthy bodies since they work as a complex of many exercises at once. When you have no time to be physically active, they are the make or break option.

It’ll get you pumped up and energized for harder workouts even though it may be challenging during the first few tries. Stay fit and healthy by doing push-ups.

They improve strength and endurance training while working on different muscle groups that include the chest, shoulders, arms, and abs. You can do these exercises whenever you have a work break or any commercial break to boost energy.

The attitude you maintain will push you half the way, and your count will keep increasing as your stamina increases.

Always maintain a good straight plank position without your knees touching the ground for maximum endurance training.

2. For A Lower Body – Healthy Squats

Th the simplest exercises to do for your lower body and they work on multiple levels. What’s more important is that it can be done without visiting a gym when you have no time to work out.

Any weights around the home could work as you push through the gravitational pull. Finding time to work out and stay active will be more logical at home or anywhere you feel is comfortable.

Remember to tighten your abdominals and glutes and keep the knees bent as you stretch. Repeat between healthy rests until you feel a burn in your thigh muscles.

3. For Cardio – Healthy Staircase Lunges

Do exercises regularly

Leave the convenience of the elevator as you will get more fit and burn more calories walking up a flight of stairs.

For all the right reasons, it helps build a fit lower body muscle tone and is an effective cardio workout routine. Increase your pace as you go further up and slow down as you climb down the stairs to avoid stressing the knee joint.

For the best results, download home workout apps from Google play on android or the App Store. They include levels and timers that set you on the right path to fitness.

A balanced meal plan will also be beneficial and helps to stay fit and healthy when combined with a good exercise routine.


So, there you have it, a comprehensive list of workouts and routines for cases when you are out of the gym.

It’s quite natural to have our time stolen from us by our bus schedules but whenever you can, reclaim it and be physically active.

Don’t forget that any activity is full of benefits, thus finding time to workout is a must due to our sedentary lifestyle. Thus, you will not only stay fit and healthy but boost your metabolism and feel better overall.

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Melissa Tilghman is a personal trainer with nutrition degree. She shares her own gym and healthy tips via blog Gym Expert.

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