5 Ideas For Displaying Your Sentimental Belongings

Shadow Box

Published on July 10th, 2019

Are you an avid collector or do you have precious trinkets and keepsakes galore?

If you do, it’s nothing new. In fact, even back in the 16th-century, people used to keep precious items in their “cabinet of curiosities“.

But whether it’s stamps, globes, dolls or whatever it is you collect, where do you keep your treasures? Probably stuck in the back of your closet somewhere, right?

Instead of leaving your collection in the dark, why not display them in a trendy shadow box?

You may be wondering how to make a shadow box display and what to put in a shadow box. Read on for some

shadow box ideas that will bring your mementos out of the darkness and showcase them in their full glory.

What Is a Shadow Box?

A shadow box is an enclosed case with a glass front, similar to a picture frame, but deeper. The aim is to arrange your chosen objects in an artistic and thematic way. This creates a dramatic and nostalgic display for your keepsakes while also preserving them.

But what to put in a shadow box? Any memories or mementos that are precious to you or a collection of some kind. For example, photographs, seashells, baby clothes, shot glasses, or unique challenge coins.

Shadow Box Ideas

Shadow Box Ideas

Wondering how to make a shadow box display? It all depends on the style you choose and which items you want to display. Read these next 5 shadow box decorating ideas for some inspiration.

1. Think Outside The Box

A shadow box doesn’t mean it actually has to be a square-shaped box. Try a different shape to complement your decor and match with the items you’re displaying.

For example, a house-shaped shadow box with a collection of miniature toys inside.

2. Picture This

Display your photos and trinkets together in a shadow box.

For instance, a newborn baby photo at the back of the frame and their teeny tiny shoes and pacifier in the forefront. The extra trinkets complement the photo and bring it to life.

3. Coffee Time

Coffee Time

Instead of displaying your shadow box on the wall, create a horizontal display inside your coffee table. Use a glass-top chest and display your collection inside. If needed, divide it into sections to display your items in an aesthetically pleasing way.

This makes for a great conversation piece over a cup of joe.

4. Mini Treasures

If you have miniature antique treasures to display, try using the frame of an old pocket watch. This is a cute way to display any tiny delicate treasures you have without a humongous shadow box overpowering them.

5. Modern Shadow Box

For a modern look, try a collection of shadow boxes without a glass front. This enables you to use them as more of a shelving unit with trinkets you can move around. This is a great idea if you have a huge collection tucked away and like to swap things around regularly.

What’s In Your Cabinet Of Curiosities?

So, what’s in your cabinet of curiosities? Whatever your collection, use any one of these shadow box ideas and you can preserve your keepsakes for years to come, in a stylish way.

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