5 Reasons To Seriously Consider Importing Your Next Car

5 Reasons To Seriously Consider Importing Your Next Car

Published on April 1st, 2020

An imported car is a vehicle that has been purchased from abroad, often due to the car in question not being manufactured or made available in the buyer’s home country.

But why would anyone go through the hassle of buying an imported car when they could simply purchase an alternative vehicle from one of their own nation’s dealerships? And more to the point, why might you give some serious thought to importing your next car?

1. It Could Be A Great Way To Get Something More Exotic

5 Reasons To Seriously Consider Importing Your Next Cars

Sure, if you’re just looking for any old hatchback that gives decent fuel economy and a largely hassle-free ownership experience, importing a vehicle might not seem worthwhile.

But what if there’s a specific model that isn’t even sold in your home country, and that you have utterly fallen in love with? Or perhaps you’re a classic car or supercar collector, and simply adore purchasing quirkier vehicles? For people in these categories, importing may be the only way.

2. You May Find A Better Deal Abroad

You might happen to spend a lot of time in other countries for personal or work reasons, and therefore sometimes come across cars for sale there that represent a better deal than the equivalent in your home nation. Or maybe you’re just an eagle-eyed watcher of foreign classified ads?

Regardless, you can never rule out the possibility that you might get a better vehicle for your money in a foreign country than is possible if you stick to the cars for sale in your home nation.

Just be wary, though, that imported cars can sometimes be pricier to insure than non-imports. This is why seeking a policy from a renowned provider of import car insurance could be well worth doing to keep your costs down.

3. An Imported Car Might Look Better

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If you used to play Gran Turismo as a kid in the ‘90s – or even if you still do! – you might remember all of those obscure Japanese cars that featured in this iconic videogame, but which were not familiar sights on your own country’s roads.

As Evo has observed, for example, it took until well into the 1990s for the cult-favourite Nissan Skyline GT-R to finally be officially imported into the UK.

There’s no doubt that the Skyline always looked purposeful in the game with its rear wing, side skirts and airdam.

And who knows – it might be the case today that you’ve fallen head over heels for a vehicle that looks great, but can only be yours if you import it from abroad.

4. An Imported Car Might Be Rarer

Not everyone wants to purchase that bestselling supermini. After all, we all – deep down – want to set ourselves apart from the rest in some way, and your choice of vehicle might be your main way of making a statement about how intriguingly obscure your tastes are.

Some vehicles – whether they are luxury cars, performance cars or any other type that may come to mind – are only ever produced in very limited numbers in a small number of markets.

So, if you wish to own one of these rarer vehicles, importing may be your sole option.

5. It Could Enable You To Benefit From A Higher-Specification Vehicle

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Even in today’s highly globalised world, it’s not always guaranteed that a given vehicle you have your eye on will be identical in specification from one part of the world to the next.

The foreign version of a particular car might offer more generous equipment or better performance than the equivalent model in your own country.

Factors like the above might mean that importing your next car is actually the logical decision for you, rather than you simply assuming you’ll buy a vehicle from a dealership in your home nation.

As always, it is vital that you carefully consider the full range of circumstances and requirements you have, so that you can make the right choice for you.