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3 Ways To Improve Communication In The Workplace

Improve Communication

Published on November 19th, 2019

Getting the most out of your employees doesn’t just depend on hiring the right people for the job. In many ways, it will result from cultivating strong relationships in the office.

And this starts with good communication. Proper communication will ensure that everyone knows their roles and expectations in the workplace.

It will help employees better collaborate on projects or communicate needs to their superiors. Implementing a few simple communication changes can go a long way in improving overall company outcomes.

1. Implement The Use Of Digital Communications Tools

Many employees receive hundreds of emails per day, making it all too easy for important messages to get lost in the clutter.

You can improve the communication with Slackbot, a digital communication tool that can be accessed on computers or smartphones. Slackbot allows users to create digital rooms for managing messages.

Not only does this tool eliminate unnecessary emails, but it helps categorize messages based on their topic or the urgency of an assigned task.

This makes it much easier for teams to collaborate on projects without needing to schedule a time-consuming in-person meeting.

2. Hold Regular One On One Meeting

As a manager, it is important that you regularly hold one on one meetings with the employees for whom you are responsible.

This gives you a chance to check in on key projects as well as the employees’ personal progress. It also allows you to gain helpful insights and feedback from your employees.

These meetings will build trust and help employees know that they are valued. They can help you gain new ideas for how to more effectively run your team that you might not have had otherwise.

3. Make It Easier To Share Data

While messaging tools like Slackbot can greatly improve in-office communications, they become even more effective when paired with software such as NetSuite, which enables the sharing of real-time data to relevant employees.

Business projects often involve individuals from different departments. By using a system that makes real-time data from multiple business operations readily available to those who need it, teams will be able to work more efficiently. Shared data will enable better decision-making and improve overall output.


Having strong communication in the office doesn’t mean that you and your employees are going to become best friends.

But it does mean that everyone will treat each other with respect and that you won’t put up artificial barriers that make it harder to share information.

When individual employees can communicate easily and get the information, they need to do their job, the whole team will benefit.