Top 10 In-Demand Cybersecurity Certifications In 2022

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July 11th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

With the number of data breaches and security threats increasing substantially, it has become crucial for organizations to take safety measures. Today, companies are facing many security issues than ever before.

Therefore, the need to employing the candidates who can work on security and guarantee that the businesses are secured from all the potential dangers.

This has resulted in the number of employment for cybersecurity candidates to reach the sky and the unemployment status for cybersecurity enthusiasts has reached zero.

The growing need of cybersecurity candidates signifies that the cybersecurity skills are in great interest today. So, everyone who wants to start their career in cybersecurity should take the leap of faith and get on-board.

Since the chances of failing oneself in this industry after having the skills and doing the hard work are almost negligible.

To start your career in cybersecurity needs an understanding of the problems, defensive, and a perfect solution. One can get these skills and aptitudes by getting a relevant degree in IT and starting a job.

However, another good way to polish one’s skills is by getting the in-demand and highest paid cybersecurity certifications and training.

One question that arises here is which cybersecurity certifications are in demand today and will stay in-demand in the coming years? Or which cybersecurity certification best fits you? Although this depends on a person’s skills, capability, and industry.

Still, we have compiled a list of the ten best cybersecurity certifications to get in 2019 which will work for you in the future as well.

So, doesn’t matter if you’re only starting your career, aiming to get a promotion, or just wanting to add to your skills, these 10 in-demand cybersecurity certifications in 2022 will surely furnish you with the right aptitudes to achieve your goals.

Top 10 In-Demand Cybersecurity Certifications


Cisco CCNA certifications like CCNA Cyber Ops and CCNA Security certifications are among the best cybersecurity certifications for the starters. As CCNA Security covers the basic and is the entry-level Cisco certification so there is no prerequisite for this cert.

The only thing that counts as a restriction for this cert if the appropriate age. Only candidates aged above 13 are allowed to take the exam and the candidates falling between the age of 13-17 have to take their parents’ permission to sit in the exam.

This cert teaches the skills to build a secure system, the ability to perceive danger, and aptitude to encounter security threats. A candidate with this cert makes $80K a year on average.

On the other hand, for CCNA Cyber Ops certification, you will require to have a work experience of 2 years and to pass two exams. With this cart, you will learn the core of Cybersecurity. The common pay for this certification is around $100K annually.

2. CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Sec+ is the first cybersecurity certification on our list of the most in-demand certs. This certification is basically the core certification and is expected from every cybersecurity professional. The prerequisites for this cert are a minimum work experience of 1-2 years.

To pass the exam, you will have to learn the fundamental skills like identity and threat management, cryptography, network access control, security risk identification and mitigation, security systems, and security infrastructure.

The average pay scale of a candidate with this certification is $80K per annum.

3. CEH

CEH certification gives the right skills to counter the cyber threats planned by hackers. To get this certification, you will need a minimum of 1-2 years of work experience.

A Certified Ethical Hacker is basically a hacker who doesn’t impose security threats but encounter them. He is bestowed with the skills to comprehend and realize the shortcomings in the system and to further plan the steps to encounter those threats. On average, a CEH certified makes around 99K$ a year. You can prepare yourself by getting CEH online training.


SSCP certification teaches the skills required to manage and oversee the main tasks of cybersecurity such as cryptography, identify and rectify malicious code and activity, access controls, ability to monitor and analyze security, carrying out operations and administrate the issues, as well as securing networks.

This cart is a perfect alternative to the CompTIA Security+ certification as it teaches almost the same aptitudes. An SSCP certified candidate is equipped with skills to build, observe, and use secure ways to ensure security. The average salary that an SSCP certified gets is $70K per annum.


GSEC certification is designed for candidates who have hands-on learning of working around cybersecurity. Therefore, you will need to have a particular period of experience to appear for the test.

This is why it is one of the easiest ways to start your career in cybersecurity with this cert and nail it. The normal salary you can get with this certification is $77K annually.


CCNP certification is the next Cisco certification you should get after being CCNA certified. This certification is specifically designed for Cisco Security Engineers who are responsible to work on Cisco routers and switches.

You will need to have around 1-3 years of minimum experience to be eligible to sit in the exam. This cert teaches skills of choosing, deploying, supporting, and troubleshooting firewalls, IDS/IPS, as well as VPNs, for the system. The average salary is $133K a year.


You will need to have at least 3 years of experience to be eligible to appear for the CRISC certification exam. This certification teaches skills of risk management and positions the candidates as the strategic partners of the organization. A CRISC certified makes around $122K a year.


This certification is basically the hack to super stunning career growth in. To get CISA certified, one must have a minimum of five years of experience and are supposed to score more than 450 points on the scale of 200-800.

CISA certification teaches the skills including how to review, control, screen, and survey data and business. The average salary of CISA certified is $110K annually. You can get a CISA online training course to be able to pass this certification in your first attempt.


CISM certification means a candidate is passionate and focused to go down this. It is without a doubt one of the highest paying cybersecurity certifications. To be eligible for this cert, one must have a working experience of 5 years and must score a 200-question test. The average salary is $115K annually.


Last but not least, the CISSP certification is one of the most important certifications for a cybersecurity candidate aiming high in the skies. You will need to have 5-7 years of experience to get this cert. Some of the skills you will learn with CISSP are decision-making to plan, design, execute, and oversee security standards and policy. The normal pay scale is $119K.