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8 Best Instagram Analytics Tools for Your Business Growth

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August 17th, 2019   |   Updated on February 7th, 2023

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As far as Instagram analytics is concerned, it is essential for brands that need to come up with a content timetable, make a plan for their feed, and determine the perfect time to publish posts, keep track of the metrics, and acquire more details about their targeted customers. Then, which of the Instagram analytics tool to use for your business growth?

There are numerous of them, but you need to choose the best ones for understanding your audience, business performance, and growth. There is no shortcut to the process. You will need to invest your time and effort to enjoy the fruits of success.

According to an article on Entrepreneur, MagicSocial is a tool that lets you build two-way user engagement. It means that you have the freedom and choice to pick who you want to follow, then can select whom you settle on to follow.

It is an essential tool for businesses today. It lets you build a fan following without compromising on genuine followers. Here are the best analytics tool that you must use when promoting your brand on the photo-sharing platform, which is Instagram:

Analytics Tools for Your Business Growth

1. Instagram Insights

It is an in-built tool for Instagram to help you learn about your audience demographics, what content they are viewing, what people are clicking – your Instagram profile or website, when they are online, and which posts they like and share. The data is reliable and therefore, it is easier for you to determine how your Instagram profile is performing with the help of analytics.

The tool will show you data related to your Instagram posts and Instagram Stories that you have used for marketing your products or services. For additional information, you may use third-party apps or tools for actionable insights. It will help you garner Like4Like and take your marketing efforts to another level.

2. Iconosquare

The tool’s Instagram audit would give you an overview of your business account as to whether your brand is performing or not and its possibilities of improvement. The tool will assess a month’s posts and your overall Instagram profile. The free trial version will give you an idea of the pro dashboard so that you can learn about follower stats, rate of engagement, and information related to your Stories data.

3. Keyhole

It is one of the best Instagram analytics tools giving you an idea of what your business competitors are viewing in their dashboards. To use the tool, you must specify some account to analyze the data because of the information from unspecified accounts would be treated anonymously in the search results.

You can leverage the hashtag analytics tool that monitors hashtags in real-time over numerous platforms. It is beneficial if you run Instagram contests regularly. Even business checking out branded hashtags would benefit from Keyhole.

4. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a robust marketing intelligence platform that helps brands to follow their possessed media and industry patterns. Beside Union Metrics’ full suite of features, brands can take advantage of the platform’s Instagram Account Checkup for free.

The checkup gives a point by point report including your top hashtag, most devoted followers and average post engagement. Anything that makes it simpler to audit your social media presence for free is a plus Like Icon square’s free assessment tool, brands can use Union Metrics to gain a better understanding of their account analytics at a glance.

5. TapInfluence

Talking about influencers, Instagram analytics tools can be used to recognize social media influencers directly.

And, that’s exactly what TapInfluence does.

TapInfluence’s stage examines a database of more than 50,000 influencers to help brands locate an ideal choice for their influencer battles. Businesses can search by industry or specific tags depend on what they’re searching for.

The platform then provides a snapshot of different influencers, including their rates and cost per engagement.

Having all of this data in one spot helps saves a huge amount of time when vetting influencers. TapInfluence additionally gives real-time benchmark reports dependent on industry data to help brands understand how their own influencer campaigns stack up.

6. Curalate

The boom of social selling by means of user-generated content signals the requirement for Instagram analytics tools that keep you informed on your best-selling products

For example, you’ve most likely seen a “Like2Buy” bio connect, haven’t you?

These links belong to Curalate, a platform which curates user-generated content to help brands sell their products directly from Instagram. The trackable “Like2Buy” link empowers brands to track the ROI of their social campaigns. In addition to engagement and sales metrics, Curalate monitors tags and mentions, making it simple to spot UGC in the wild.

Dedicated social selling platforms like Curalate do double duty of deciding your most valuable content while also assessing the direct financial returns from your Instagram campaigns.

7. Bitly

As illustrated by Curalate, your Instagram bio is unbelievably valuable real estate. Tracking your bio link is an unquestionable requirement accomplish for checking the achievement of your social campaigns.

This seems to be true whether you’re attempting to sell products or simply drive traffic to your site. Bitly is a tried and tested link-tracking tool that is fair game on Instagram for budding businesses and huge brands alike.

8. HypeAuditor

In the event that despite everything you have to get your spying (or evaluating) done, HypeAuditor might be your next choice. It doesn’t rely on the Instagram API, but uses publicly available data, so as a tool it’s a little less vulnerable to surprises from Instagram.

You can easily snatch a free, automated report on any Instagram account with over a thousand followers. It’s similarly helpful in case you’re taking a close look at your greatest competitors, or in case you’re researching influencers that you’d like to work with.

Over giving a general commitment rate, HypeAuditor will likewise dissect crowd quality. How reachable are they? How authentic?


Save your time, using these analytics tools mentioned in this article. Try some of the tools that suit your business needs and budget. Make an informed marketing decision on aspects like content research, preparation, and performance of your posts. You will benefit provided you use the right tools.