How To Pick An International Moving Company For Your Next Move

International Moving Company

August 30th, 2021   |   Updated on March 4th, 2022

Moving abroad can involve you moving your business or relocating your family to another country. Whether you are moving your family or your business abroad, it can be an interesting exploration for you.

So, you have to put a lot of things into consideration so as not to regret any step you will be taking as regards moving your properties abroad.

The process of moving your properties can be exhausting and it takes a lot of planning. In order to avoid any delay or damage to your property, you have to work with the best moving company to help you deliver your property safely.

There are lots of companies offering the international transport service, but selecting the best one could be very difficult if you are new to it. Some of the international shipping companies include SDC International Movers and many others.

In 2012, the Bureau business service recorded over 7000 people complaining about moving companies. Most of the complaints were based on lost or damaged properties, delays in moving the properties, and the high cost of their service.

To avoid all these issues, we have compiled some of the steps you need to pick an international moving company to help ship your property safely.

How To Pick An International Moving Company For Your Next Move

1. Start Early

Immediately your visa is approved and you are sure of moving your business or family to another country, you should start looking for the best shipping company to help you with shipping your properties.

There are a lot of things to consider when searching for a moving company, you will want to work with a reliable and trustworthy company, getting them might be a little bit tasky, so you have to start earlier.

You might have other considerations such as how fast you want your properties to be delivered, the cheap price, and the safety of your properties. So, starting early will give you an edge to select the best company.

2. Company Reviews

This is very important when trying to pick a trustworthy shipping company. Reviews can be used to select the best moving company, visit the company website and read customers’ reviews about their services.

Do not rely only on the companies review, check the customer’s review and their satisfaction to be sure you are opting for the best

3. Experience Matters

Working with an international shipping company that has enough experience will make moving your property easy.

The previous experience of the company will make you confident about receiving your foods safely. Ensure the company is not a newbie in the business and is familiar with all the laws abiding moving property internationally.

4. Contact About Three Moving Companies

Using this trick will allow you to compare the offers of the companies. Compare the price and go for the cheapest one.

Although, you should not only compare the price of their service but also how fast they will deliver your loads.

5. Compare The Price

After contacting about two or three companies, compare the price of their service. Do not necessarily go for the lower price, the company with the lower price might offer a slow service.

You should not only compare the price alone but the way and means by which your properties will be transported

6. Work With Licensed Moving Company

A good moving company should be licensed by the Department of Transportation in whatever country they are located. Before you work with any company, make sure you confirm they are licensed by checking for their license number on the department portal.

Do not use any moving company that is not licensed if you want the safety of your loads.

7. Be Careful Of Scam Companies

Be Careful when selecting the company to help you move your properties to your new country. Some of these companies are scammers and they only want your money then run away with your goods.

A proper way to know, if a moving company you want to work with is planning to scam you is if they ask you to pay money upfront before their service, it’s likely, they are not legit. No reputable moving company will ask you to pay upfront before their service.

8. Verify The Moving Company Address

This is the last step but not the least step. After you have agreed to work with a moving company, be sure to verify their address.

Firstly, by visiting their website and copying all their contact cards, verify the contacts online and make sure it is registered. Also, visit their office and ensure the company is registered under all the contacts listed on their website. By doing this, you will get assured you are working with the best company.


Traveling abroad can be so fun and adventurous only if you work with the right international moving company. If you use the wrong company, it can spoil your experience as you will have to find a way to retrieve or buy some of the properties back.