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Introducing Etsy Alternatives : What Marketplace Will Be The Best For Your Business Growth

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July 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2021

Etsy’s success surprises. It belongs to the giants in the eCommerce field, and year by year keeps strengthening its positions. Unlike other major eCommerce platforms that don’t focus on a particular type of products, Etsy attracts attention due to its dedication to unique, handmade, and vintage products. As the numbers and statistics show, moving in this direction was the right choice:

Considering the situation in the eCommerce industry, we can say these are great achievements. And many entrepreneurs worldwide wonder how to create a website like Etsy.

However, are you sure Etsy is the right channel to choose when deciding where to promote and sell your items? Clockwise Software’s experts answer this question in details.

To Use Or Not To Use: A Comprehensive Guide For An Etsy Starter

Etsy is built on a special algorithm. With its help, fresh new online web stores and recently posted listings attract more attention and acquire more customers. It is a great advantage for those who only start business development on Etsy. However, a coin has 2 sides, and the question appears what should well-established sellers do to make Etsy show their listings in the top, too.

We have named one of the hundreds of challenges you may face on the Etsy website. Some of them are connected to checkout, the others create issues for retailers and manufacturers. The point is that Etsy is not a perfect solution even though it is quite successful. Let’s make things clear and highlight the reasons for you to opt for Etsy.

Choose Etsy, If:

  • You don’t have time for proper high-quality advertising and marketing, and just need someone else to take care of it for you;
  • Your key focus is to inform as many users as possible about your products;
  • High traffic is critical for you;
  • You need full support;
  • You would like to access multiple networking opportunities.

Look For The Alternatives, If:

  • You don’t want to be limited to Etsy’s marketing frames;
  • Product branding is your key priority and you would like to develop it;
  • You want to avoid copyrights violation.

Although we have named only a few weighty reasons, many similar ones make retailers and buyers refuse using Etsy. This is when people start looking for alternatives. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. In the next section, we will provide you with the top 10 websites like Etsy that have the potential to cater to your needs in a better way.

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives For Your Inspiration

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The competition in the market is high, and even though it seems nearly impossible to keep the positions alongside the giant like Etsy, numerous companies successfully deal with this task. We would like to introduce the most impressive once:

1. Redbuddle

More than 70,000 creative entrepreneurs have gathered on this eCommerce platform. The products are conveniently divided into categories, and you can find nearly whatever you want here. Founded in 2006 in Australia, the company attracted almost $56 million of investments.

2. Bonanza

More than 25,000 sellers develop their businesses here. Its feature is that platform’s founders focus on purchases’ repeatability. Many convenient tools for your web store are available here, including the ones that allow seamless synchronization with many other eCommerce platforms and serve marketing purposes.

3. Zibbet

Zibbet contrasts with Etsy greatly. It demonstrates nice customization, synchronization, and management features. At the same time, it is not able to provide the information about your products to as many potential customers as Etsy can.

4. Icraft

This platform provides an opportunity to buy and sell handmade products only. Convenient filters and advertising features make it an attractive alternative to Etsy.

5. ArtFire

Selling handmade jewelry, you should definitely visit this online platform and consider it as a vital channel for brand promotion. So many people have turned their hobby into a profitable business here, so why not to give a try, too?

6. CafePress

Have you ever thought that print-on-demand services will be so popular? Customers enjoy getting new T-shirts with sarcastic phrases and favorite celebrities. We have even noticed that this type of product is the most popular gift for bachelor and bachelorette parties!

This is where CafePress has succeeded. The company develops creative designs and prints them on posters, mugs, apparel, etc.

7. Zazzle

Zazzle has much in common with CafePress.
If you are a passionate designer or just a creative personality, you are going to love this website. Here, you can simply download your own design and decide what you’d like to print it on. No need to worry about production or shipping hassles – the platform takes care of all the rest.

8. Cargoh

This is an online social marketplace for independent artists and designers. Here, it is quite easy to sell or buy unique products. Website’s UX design may seem inconvenient at a first glance. The reason is that Cargoh founders still work on platform’s improvement: we only have access to the initial version on the platform.

9. Crafts Fair Online

This isn’t a traditional online marketplace. However, if you want to spread information about your online store, meet partners and acquire potential buyers, this website may serve you well.

10. Artful Home

Glass and sculptures, décor and furniture, jewelry and even unique gifts – you can find or sell a variety of exceptional extraordinary products here. During over 30 years in the market, more than 900,00 items were sold on this platform. An informative blog and friendly community wait for you here, too.

In Conclusion

Etsy rocks; its competitors demonstrate great results and impressive potential, too. However, in the eCommerce market, there is still enough place for a hero. So what about building your one-of-a-kind marketplace instead of looking for Etsy alternatives?

Powerful product built from scratch can become the implementation of your own requirements, ideas, and vision. It may help not only to sell more but also will attract attention and investments.

Modern eCommerce industry provides an enormous number of opportunities, don’t miss your chance and contact us to find out more and take your first step to success.