Why You Need To Invest In An Insect Screen This Year

Insect Screen

Published on January 27th, 2022

As a homeowner, you want to take advantage of every part of your property. This means making your space as comfortable as possible.

If you’re going to bring your outside to the inside, consider installing insect screens. These screens allow you to enjoy the natural breeze, light, fresh air, and unlimited outdoor views.

Contrary to popular belief, these screens offer more than insect protection. Read on to discover why you need to invest in an insect screen this year.

Prevent Pest From Entering Your Home.

The first and apparent reason to purchase insect screens is to keep flies, mosquitos, and other unwanted pests out of your home. Insects and pests are annoying and can spread diseases.

You will find investing in insect screens fundamental in summer. This is when insects and pests multiply and look for food and cool water in your house.

This is also the perfect time to enjoy your outdoors. You can install a manually pulled-down screen or an automated one to prevent pests and insects from entering your house.


Besides pest and insect control, insect screens are an excellent security feature. Some people prefer leaving their front or patio doors open. If you are one of these people, consider getting a security-focused insect screen.

These screens contain robust frames and nets, making it difficult for intruders to break into your home.

The best thing about security-focused screens is that they do not detract from your front door. So, they will act as the first line of defense.

Energy Efficiency.

Insect screens are an excellent way to reduce energy waste. Most people keep their air conditioning running the entire day, especially during summer.

However, this results in high electricity bills. Installing an insect screen is the perfect solution since it will naturally regulate your home’s temperatures.

They enable you to open your windows and doors without worrying about debris or insects entering your house.

Insect screens reduce the reliance on your air conditioning unit. These screens also provide additional shading and UV resistance during the summer.

Preserve Your Outdoor View.

You probably wouldn’t want to block a beautiful view if you have one outside your window. Retractable insect screens are an excellent way to seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor spaces without compromising your privacy.

Black stainless steel or mesh fly screens offer the best visibility. Retractable screens enable you to use them only when you need to enjoy the outdoors.

Fresh Air.

Insect screens are perforated mesh constructions. These holes prevent insects and debris from entering your home but allow fresh air. Increased air circulation in your home improves the air quality, which is essential for good health.

Inadequate air circulation allows your home to become a breeding ground for bacteria and susceptible to mold growth.

This increases your risk of bacteria and respiratory infections. Consider investing in an insect screen to improve your home’s air circulation.

You cannot enjoy your outdoors and comfort in your home while worrying about insects and breathing poor quality air. Invest in an insect screen to enjoy your home more than ever before.