Upgrade IT Service Delivery Skills While Remotely Working

ITIL Training Certification

July 30th, 2020   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

“Stay at home” is the new mantra throughout the world. Working from the comfort of home is also known as remote working. However, this has its challenges. People who are employed in the IT sector need to be equipped to work from home.

Remote working has its own set of challenges. People need to learn how to overcome these challenges. After the problems are overcome, the Future of remote working is bright.

Especially IT service delivery professional need to be updated with this challenging task. Though the task is challenging but IT industry constantly upgrading with technology and latest technological certification.

People in the IT sector require basic training on how to provide premium service to customers. Also, the deadlines need to be met, irrespective of the place where people are working.

The skills that a professional acquires this way add value to the work. Such trained people are regarded as the assets of any organization.

They need to work in the support and delivery sector. Apart from that, people need to know how to introduce changes in the Existing and changed service

8 Points Why People Need To Be Upskill

Many tenured employees in the IT sector want to see why they need any training to work remotely. Let us find out the reasons:

  1. People need to ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of IT, especially the operations part of it.
  2. They need to follow specific procedures that lead to the optimization of given services.
  3. Continuous improvement to the existing services needs to be shown while performing.
  4. A lot of costs are associated with the services for providing services from home. The ways for minimizing the price has to be found out. Professionals also have to ensure that low-cost methods are effective.
  5. The process of delivering services has to be practical
  6. The risks of providing services from home and how the services can be identified.
  7. The focus should be on providing quality service with a flexible approach.
  8. People learn how to manage and deliver services.

How To Find Source For Upskill

Those who have worked miraculously well in the office are not necessarily the best trainers here. Working from the office is a different cup of tea. Those who train for this course are certified trainers.

They are experts holding an experience of more than 20 years in the service management of IT. They are globally famous for their expertise. This profound knowledge helps them provide practical experience.

IT Service Delivery Module

The name of the module is ITIL4. The full form of ITIL IS Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This is the latest version of the module that has been launched in 2019.

This comprehensive course provides basic training on support and delivery in terms of IT. Subject matter expertise is assured here.

How It Contributes To Remote Working

This course follows a holistic method of service management. It instills the principles of delivery in the IT sector. It needs to be learned from a different perspective for people who are working remotely.

What Is Learned For Remote Working?

Naturally, people are curious to know what they learn while working remotely. Let us find out about them:

  1. The fundamental principles of managing service in the IT sector in the technological era & the dimensions of service management
  2. Working upon the feedback provided by the customer. People also need to act upon the feedback accordingly.
  3. How to implement the service value system.

Who Are Eligible?

Anybody can apply for this course, irrespective of whether he is working for the IT sector or not. However, preference is given to people who are working in the IT sector because they will be able to relate to their surroundings. This course is particularly beneficial for delivery managers and assistant managers.

Features Of The Course

Many people are interested in the features of the course that is considered so crucial for remote working. So, it is essential to take a look at the features:

  • The subject matter experts are internationally famous.
  • The experts are ITIL certified. They have an experience of more than 15 years.
  • Individuals, as well as organizations, are entitled to consultation regarding IT service management.
  • 99% of examines pass at the first chance.
  • The course materials are approved by AXELOS. They are comprehensive and informative at the same time.
  • The training schedules are flexible to suit the needs of working professionals.
  • This training guides professional in designing, developing, and implementing service management in the IT sector.

An institute which is quite recognise by many IT professional which provides the ITIL 4 Foundation and ITIL Intermediate Courses from the last 2 decades along with other technological certifications it also offers career counselling. It prepares the confidence, efficiency, and competence level.

The certificate provided here is valid for a lifetime. The practical sessions are conducted in a lab that offers all the up-to-date facilities.

Those who have attended the training admit that it contributes to their professional promotion through Vinsys. Trainees have the option of choosing the location and time of their course.

Live instructor-led training also possible It is the best place from where people may acquire knowledge while remote working.

Mode Of Assessment

The assessment is a close book exam where you need to answer the questions without referring to any sources. However, the trainees have the liberty to decide whether they will give an online test or an offline one.

The structure of course fees may vary from time to time. So, they may need to contact their Authorized Training Organization about the fee structure. The pass marks are 66%.


Constant upskilling is necessary for the IT sector. They become even more essential while working remotely.

A certificate from a renowned institute acknowledges the competency of a person in the field of remote learning in this sector. It is a stamp certifying that he or she is competent to work remotely.

The institutes need to be affiliated to an internationally acclaimed board. So, if a candidate receives the certificate from such a board, he or she will add more value to the organization.

A qualified and trained personnel will also be able to deal with a customer’s concerns even from home.