6 Reasons To Book Your Kerala Holiday Package This Winter

Kerala Holiday Package

Published on October 1st, 2019

Sandwiched between the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west lies God’s own country, Kerala.

The artistically and culturally rich lush green state gives a treat to the eyes and the soul.

Serene Backwaters, abundant wildlife, pristine beaches, immaculate waterfalls, and green-carpeted hills make Kerala really God’s own country.

Winters Are The Best Time To Visit Kerala

Winters - Kerala Holiday Package

The temperature during this time remains pleasant with lesser humidity and rains. It usually ranges between 22°C – 32°C in December.

Additionally, the winter season is the aptest time to get Ayurvedic massages and treatments to get rejuvenated after a visit to the land of God. Below are six top reasons for you to book a Kerala holiday packages for your family this winter.

1. Backwaters And Houseboats

Most of us have our first memory of Kerala from an image of a houseboat. Indeed, no Kerala holiday package would be complete if you do not experience this once-in-a-lifetime journey of a houseboat sailing through the dazzling backwaters.

You can spot unique flora and fauna on the small patches of land amidst the backwaters, dance with your loved ones on the beats of a Malayalam song or enjoy the delectable cuisine prepared by the on-board chefs.

The adventure lovers can also go kayaking in the backwaters to explore the area from a closer view.

2. Wildlife

Wildlife - Kerala Holiday Package

Kerala is rich in wildlife, flora, and fauna due to the profuse presence of forests in the state. This is the reason why there are more than 25 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Kerala.

One of the largest tiger reserves of the country, Periyar National Park, is also situated in this state. Some other admired places are Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Mathikettan Shola National Park, and Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary.

3. Art And Culture

If you’re an admirer of art and culture, Kerala is the place for you. With certain places dating back to the Neolithic age, Kerala has preserved, loved and lived with its art and culture till today.

Whether it is the traditional folk art, Kalaripayattu, the 17th-century classical dance Kathakali, the Kerala martial art, Kalarippayattu or the classical dance Mohiniyattam, Kerala has preserved each heritage with great care.

You can find the classic examples of architecture and unique stone carvings in the various temples of Kerala like Swamy Padmanabha Temple in Trivandrum.

4. Ayurvedic Treatments And Massages

Boost Your Mood - Kerala Holiday Package

Ayurveda was originated in India some 5000 years ago in Kerala. Due to the highly preserving nature of the people of Kerala, they have preserved the Ayurveda as well.

There are innumerable Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala that have treatments for many chronic as well as fatal diseases.

Additionally, there are many Ayurveda therapy centres in the state as well. These are popular for their rejuvenating meditation and yoga sessions, head and body massages, diet and providing useful oils for hair, joints, and other similar issues.

These therapies not only refresh a busy metropolitan human but also have the power to change their lifestyles into stress-free and healthy ones.

5. Land Of Spices

Kerala is also known as the “Land of spices” because of the countless spice plantations in the state. Wayanad, Attappadi, Siruvani, Vagamon, Vandiperiyar, and Erumeli are some of the places that are famous for their spice farming.

The speciality of these spices is that they are available here in their raw form. Hence, the chemical processing and adulteration of the Kerala spices are out of the question.

A Kerala holiday package that includes a visit to a spice plantation shows the real Kerala that has deep connections with lip-smacking food.

6. Beaches

Beaches - Kerala Holiday Package

A state that runs with the seashore and has a total of 590 km of coastline is sure to have a lot of stunning beaches.

Unlike the ones in Maharashtra or Goa where the number of tourists and beach visitors is quite high, Kerala beaches are comparatively calmer and cleaner.

Whether you’re an adventure lover, a water person, a peace lover or a just-walk-by-the-beach person, Kerala beaches are ideal for everyone. Some of the most famous ones are Kovalam beach, Varkala beach, Marari beach, Bekal beach, and Kozhikode beach.

Whether you love hills or beaches, Kerala is the best destination to refresh you from the hustle-bustle of your stressed lifestyle.

Just pay a visit to this absolutely spectacular and picturesque state and leave all your worries behind. Kerala is just the right place to re-energize you for good.