10 Things To Know About Living In San Francisco

San Francisco

Published on September 8th, 2021

No city on Earth has as vivid of a personality as San Francisco. Everyone who talks about this city has a different image in mind for what it’s like, and none of these images are entirely wrong!

These are the most important things to know about this amazing city, both the good and the bad!

The Neighborhoods Have Personalities

Every neighborhood in San Francisco has a personality! There’s an art district, fishing district, and an industrial community; the list goes on and on. Where you live determines how people form their first opinions on you, so choose carefully and make a good impression!

Rent Is Expensive For Less Space

San Francisco apartments are almost prohibitively expensive: and incredibly small. The average rent for an apartment here sits at just over $3,000, which means you need to make at least $108,000 a year to be able to afford it on your own.

There Are Endless Things To See And Do

You’ll never get bored in San Francisco! From live art shows to incredible museums and exhibits, you can find something new to do every day of the year and never run out of trying new things.

It Gets More Crowded Every Year

Around 30,000 people move into the city every year. This means 30,000 new people to compete against for housing and goods. But, surprisingly, there’s a big trend of people moving out of the state now, so that population may fall (California’s population overall fell by almost 200,000 in 2020).

The Food Is Absolute Bliss

From their world-famous sourdough to the great seafood and fish: you’ll love all of the food that’s available in San Francisco. There’s no shortage of great treats and delicious restaurants; although their prices may be higher, it’s worth it for the flavor.

There’s A Homelessness Problem

Unfortunately, because of the lack of housing, and the high prices, there’s a large population of people who can’t afford housing in the city. This is an issue the city is still working to find a solution to, but it can be disheartening to see.

The Public Transit Is Fantastic

The public transit in San Francisco is both inexpensive and almost always on time. So you can trust that the bus will get you to work on time and avoid the expense of car insurance, gasoline, and car payments.

This City Is Full Of Millenials

The average age in San Francisco is 38! This city was advertised to millennials as a fantastic place to find themselves and build a community, and because of it, millennials have flocked here for years. They’re the main population.

You Can Get Out Of The City For Greenery

You don’t have to go far to get into some greenery! There’s endless beauty in San Francisco, but just outside of it, you can find countless parks, trails, and walkways that will allow you to get some fresh air.

The Job Market Is Always Hot

If you’re moving here and worried about getting a job: no need to fret! San Francisco is an industry hub and always has tons of jobs available, regardless of what industry you want to work in!