Everything You Need To Know If You Want To Teach Abroad

Teach Abroad

July 20th, 2021   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Living and working abroad is the dream for many teachers. Even now, the opportunity to do so still exists. There may be a few more hurdles in the way, but teaching abroad is still a dream you can very much realize.

Moving abroad to work any job is a daunting endeavor that will need quite a bit of effort on your part. You will more than likely have your hands full when organizing the logistics and the details of your move. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to outsource some of the non-vital work.

For instance, consulting an expat employment agency can save you quite a bit of effort on job hunting. Using a CV writing service can help you skip the need to update and localize your CV.

There are many other organizations and businesses that can aid you in your journey to become a successful teacher abroad. Be sure to keep them in mind when making plans for this important endeavor.

There are a couple of other things you also need to keep in mind if you plan on working as an educator abroad.

Research Is Paramount

The key to success in any important venture is research. If you want to be successful as a teacher abroad, there are quite a few aspects of this endeavor that you need to carefully consider before you even start.

If you want to have a good experience teaching abroad, you’re going to have to pick the right place to live and work. If you’re considering such a serious move, you should already have an idea of where you want to go – probably a place you’re passionate about.

Still, it is prudent to research the place in depth before moving there. If it’s been a while since your last trip there, you can do with a refresher to make sure it’s a good place for you.

Once you’ve set your sights on a place, make sure you have all your papers in order. Traveling to many countries to become a teacher there now requires you to get a work visa. That process can be quite tedious and time-consuming.

Additionally, there are issues related to vaccinations, health, and safety that you need to consider. While many countries are opening up, the pandemic is not yet a thing of the past. It can still make your life as an expat educator very difficult.

Then there is the question about the county’s cost of living. In many countries, teachers aren’t the best-paid professionals. Carefully consider your finances and professional opportunities before moving abroad to become one.

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Presentation Is Important

The due diligence and technicalities come first. Your next concern should be to polish your presentation so that you have the best chances to find a good job right from the get-go.

Presenting your potential employers with a slick and polished CV is the surest way to impress them. Naturally, there are many good practices you should keep in mind when reimagining your CV to appeal to a foreign employer. For instance, being clear and concise is paramount for making a good impression. Avoiding jargon and abbreviations is another good practice.

Still, probably the most important thing you should do when applying for a teaching position abroad is to make sure your CV is localized. Note that this does not just mean that it needs to be translated into the local language.

You should take some extra time to speak to the natives, to establish what sort of skills and qualities employers appreciate. This feedback should inform the way you format your CV.

Fitting In Will Be Crucial

Being an expat teacher comes with its own set of challenges – and those don’t end as soon as you’ve moved to your new country and found employment.

Ensuring that all the communication barriers you have with the natives are gone as soon as possible should be your first priority. Always remember – although English is a popular language, most people abroad don’t know it all that well.

You will need to master the local tongue to communicate with them. And you will need to communicate with them a lot if you want to be a successful teacher abroad because you will need to network like never before.

Now, networking may not seem that high on the list of things you need to actively do to succeed as an expat teacher. However, neglecting it is a mistake.

Networking in person is extremely beneficial, on both a professional and a personal level. If you move to a new country, you’re going to have to work hard to create and maintain a network of connections.

Those connections will enable you to immerse yourself in the local culture. This will help you adjust to your new environment, which is crucial for living a happy and productive life.