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The Four Most Lucrative Medical Arts Courses You Should Consider

Medical Coverage

August 27th, 2019   |   Updated on September 20th, 2021

Many people say that healthcare and its associated career paths are one of the most fulfilling career tracts that anyone can undertake. It additionally benefits from being very lucrative and stable.

If you’re at a point where you’re contemplating what you want to accomplish, it’s worth considering medical arts courses as a great stepping stone towards a bright future.

If you’re wondering what courses are on offer and how they benefit you, fear not. This guide looks at the most popular medical arts courses that are worth checking out.

1. Medical Assistance

Doctors can get very busy with the task of treating their charges. As a result, many critical administrative tasks can go undone—or poorly done. That’s where a medical assistant comes in.

They handle the essential functions of maintaining medical records in large organizations, update patient records after each consultation and procedure, and take care of billing.

More than that, they even order the needed supplies and keep appointments in proper order. It’s a critical role, which is why a medical arts school Raleigh NC offers these quick courses.

2. Medical Office Administration Specialist


Those in these roles are very easily confused with medical assistants, but these specialists are so much more.

There’s a degree of medical knowledge required as they need to be effective in transcriptions and to respond to basic queries from patients.

Moreover, they also handle a lot of medical insurance reporting for doctor’s offices or clinics that are accredited and affiliated. As such, they can usually expect a significant pay bump over assistants, though their courses are longer.

3. Medical Billing & Coding

medical bill

If you’re more inclined towards numbers and the more accounting leaning aspects of a clinic, then you should strongly consider this related but more specialized career track.

These specialists are equipped with crucial medical knowledge on top of necessary business acumen.

This allows them to preserve and even rebalance records, handle claims effectively more effectively, and make sure that the information is effectively coded digitally. It’s a huge responsibility and a very indispensable role.

4. Massage Therapist

medical therapi

Any medical arts school in Raleigh NC worth its salt offers an active massage therapy program. The role is in high demand nowadays, thanks to the stresses that modern life brings.

Courses usually offered open graduates up to entry-level positions and a world of opportunities beyond that.

It comes with its own challenges, sure, but it is worthwhile pursuing given that many employers are looking for those who are particularly skilled.

Additionally, the right program also opens you up to your own practice and your own business.

So long as people get sick and need a doctor, all the supportive work functions in and around medical facilities will always be critical and in-demand.

The most significant benefit to pursuing the career paths mentioned above lies in both the affordability of the courses—relative to full-on college degrees. This is complemented by the shorter time it takes to graduate and find employment.

If you’re stuck in a rut and seeking better ways to make a living, there are careers and courses in the medical arts that are worth looking into.

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