What Is A Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe?

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Published on January 10th, 2020

We all have to make a number of little choices every single day. Needless to say, it can be pretty exhausting, especially when you need to make decisions for someone else as well ( all moms out there will understand this one!).

If you want to save a lot of time and energy, consider reducing your closet. You don’t need all these things to look great every day. Let’s be honest, you keep some clothes for very special occasions that might never happen. So, why not get rid of old things as soon as possible and leave only those pieces that will make you happy?

To make it happen, you can create a minimalist capsule wardrobe that consists only out of clothes that fit you well and match perfectly.


Well, a lot of women and men have been doing it for years! That’s how they managed to do it:

First of all, you need to take a look at all the clothes you have. You should get rid of those you don’t like or the ones that cannot be fixed by a tailor. Of course, you should keep things such as plus size dresses for special occasions. All you need to do is to find a shelf in the closet for them. Remember that minimalist capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to limit your choices.

Secondly, plan one capsule for the next three months. You will have a chance to see whether the system works for you or not. Avoid adding pieces that don’t match with other clothes. It’s better to figure out your style from the very beginning.

To learn more about the minimalist capsule wardrobe, check out this infographic:

Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe