5 Most Common Injuries At Music Festivals


Published on June 29th, 2019

Approximately 32 million people in the U.S attend at least one music festival each year. Unfortunately, several injuries at music festivals are reported every year!

Worse still, most people are not aware of these injuries, so they don’t prepare, which can lead to life-changing moments or spending a lot of money on unnecessary treatment.

It is always advisable to stay prepared because injuries could happen when least expected. Below are 5 common injuries manifested at music festivals that you should know today.

1. Broken Bones From Falls

Brittle Bones

Individuals who attend these events are in a partying mood, energetic, and reckless. The reckless nature of revelers is a cause of concert injuries.

Often, most of the people get drunk and start causing a commotion. The commotion is likely to cause falls, which eventually lead to bone fractures. Fistfights also occur, which mostly lead to damages in the face and at times in the ribs.

Wet weather also triggers falling, which may cause back fractures in music festivals. Caution is thus necessary.

2. Head Injuries At Music Festivals

Damage on the head area is a common scenario in concert accidents. Flying objects are the leading causes of these injuries.

Overcrowding also leads to suffocation, which may lead to head injuries when one falls. Head injuries also emanate from physical fights. Usually, thrown blunt objects inflict head injuries during a music festival.

Wearing headgear can go a long way in ensuring that you’re not among those suffering from an injury at music festivals.

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3. Stab Wounds

Festivals attract people of all calibers. The intentions of these attendees are different. Some attend music festivals for criminal activities.

Security checks availed by the organizers may never be enough to prevent individuals from accessing the venue with weapons.

Stabs are, at times fatal. In case of such an injury, it’s wise to seek legal assistance to pursue justice. Event organizers can as well compensate you in case of a valid case against them.

4. Dehydration

Spread The Message Of Water Conservation

Extensive dancing is one of the key features of music events that often leads to increased demand for water. The dancing activities trigger enormous loss of water from the body, thus dehydration.

Most popular music festivals are also held in the summer when temperatures are high. It is a health risk since it leads to dehydration.

Intoxication also leads to a lack of water in the system. Carrying extra water with you is the best way to stay safe in such incidences.

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5. Alcohol Overdose

Indulgence in drinking sprees is a common phenomenon and cause of injuries at music festivals. Usually, it’s excessive and can easily lead to intoxication.

Most popular music festivals are held in the summer when students are ought of school. Youths drink heavily during such events leading to wild behavior that often results in avoidable injuries.

Sometimes, intoxication cases are fatal. Alcohol is also a critical factor in other categories of concert injuries.

Stay Safe!

You should learn how to stay safe at music festivals because some injuries can change your life permanently. Contact us for more information on injuries at music festivals and techniques for staying safe in music events.