How To Tackle Head Injury Litigation?

Tackle Head Injury Litigation- health services

December 16th, 2017   |   Updated on June 6th, 2018

Most insurance companies view head injuries sustained in accidents skeptically, since they assume that you are either faking it or claiming for some pre-existing psychological problems. These companies require objective evidence, such as MRI or CT Scan.

The games insurance companies play

If you hope to get your claim for head injury sanctioned in a jiffy by your insurance company, think again. You must know that as a first step, your insurance company will try to contact you through the adjuster during your recovery period.

The adjuster will ask you some questions and record this conversation on the sly. When you claim for head injury, the company will play this recording as a proof of your being normal. This actually is hogwash, since it is a proven fact that victims of traumatic brain injury can speak normally and the difficulties are not usually manifested in speech.

Another ploy of insurance companies is to meticulously search your trash for some evidence of illicit drug use or use of some medication that can adversely affect the brain. Here right to privacy may not apply, because there is no right to privacy of trash that you put out for pick-up.

Tackle Head Injury Litigation

In other words, insurance companies will not shy away from going the extra mile in proving that your head injury claim is bogus.

Make your case waterproof

You need to be aware of what you must do in order to win claims on your head injury. InjuryLawService, a legal firm that holds expertise in all kinds of cases related to head injury suggests the following tips to win the legal battle.

1. Obtain the photographs of the vehicle you were travelling in before the accident happened. Ensure that insurance companies don’t get that vehicle scrapped or sold to remove evidence. In case of a blowout or other mechanical failure, it is important to preserve the part that failed, as it may be needed as an exhibit.

2. Witnesses generally tilt the case in victim’s favor, so gather as many witnesses you can, who have seen the accident and can depose in court. These people should be other than your family members, but those who were present in location at the time of the accident.

3. Always be truthful, since insurance companies will be alert to pin any falsehood that you state. Your Facebook, Twitter, blog postings and other sites will be under scrutiny of the insurance companies to obtain any material or photos that can be used against you.

4. Get competent medical help for your head injury. Many old-time physicians are not aware of the latest developments in the fields of MRI and CT Scan. For example, older physicians and even neurologists consider brain bleed as normal, which, evidently, it is not. Such reports may adversely affect your claim. So, go to the healthcare facilities that are up to date with the latest research on brain injury.

Get timely legal help

Although sustaining a head injury in an automobile accident is traumatic enough, it will be even more traumatic, if you lose crucial evidence to implicate the perpetrator. The trouble is most are unaware as to what evidence to collect and from where.


Accidents are unpredictable and sustaining a head injury, more so. In the unfortunate event of sustaining a head injury in accident, go for legal help right away.