Do You Need A Cybersecurity Lawyer For Organizations?


September 5th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Have you had any hacking experiences in the past? If not then you probably do not know the struggle of convincing your clients in your company that their sensitive information is safe.

Getting together clients to come for a discussion meeting on how to fortify the company’s security system can be a nightmare not necessarily to clients, but also the hacked firm.

This is because it risks losing potential shareholders in the future not forgetting the present investors. However, prevention of this uneventful outcome is possible if only the company invested in a data breach lawyer California or rather a cybersecurity lawyer.

California does not mean to brag to the world about them having the strongest data breach notification laws, but it is true and goes further to convince U.S. citizens that it can do better in protecting data breach than any other state in the superpower.

Recently California’s state attorney general Xavier Becerra announced a fresh bill that its primary purpose is to seal any loopholes in the data breach law firms for the last time. The only requirement on the company’s part is just to comply with the new law and the rest sorts itself out.

Cyber Security

In his statement, the notification requirement expands to an extent that forces companies to notify users of unwarranted usage of their crucial documents.

The companies notify their customers if their government identification numbers, passports, alongside biometric data usage against their wish or knowledge. The law change gears to curb incidences of stealing fingerprints, facial recognition scans and eye recognition by other people other than the registered users.

Starwood hotel, a reputable owned Marriott chain holding further backed the government in protecting clients from security breaches because in September it also happened in his backyard.

The company claims that over five million stolen passports along with other reserved information found its way on the hands of hackers and cybercriminals.

With these highlighted cases of cybercrime, California based data breach lawyers decide to up their cyber security a notch higher. This move ensures no more such cases happen in the future.

Therefore, cyber law is beneficial to our companies. It acts as a cushion to fall back to when incidences internet hacking happens. It is crucial as it touches on most important areas in particular aspects of transaction and activities related to virtual space, data network, and electronic highway.


With that in mind, the only answer to your quest for data privacy and security only lies in the knowledge and full understanding of what cyber law is.

Also, be aware of the immense benefits of having a cyber lawyer in your firm. Cyberlaw teams specialize in handling matters like any transactional issues, data security and privacy compliance in addition to handling information affairs in the firm.

In conclusion, having a cybersecurity lawyer helps a lot to curb issues of identity theft as well as represent your company in the court of law so that the hackers face the wrath of the law.

Significant reduction on the risks of losing business investors and partners is also a bonus to you. Now your clients have full confidence in your company and that their sensitive information is safe in your hands.