What Is An Online Employee Time Clock ? And Why You Need One!

Online Employee Time Clock

March 9th, 2021   |   Updated on August 16th, 2022

Running a business is difficult, to say the least. Whether you’re a business owner trying to get everyone on the same page or a manager running a small team, you will encounter challenges. One of the best ways to limit these challenges is by investing in an online employee time clock, an employee tracking system that monitors track of timing and location of the employees.

These are tools that are now some of the best accessories for small business owners, big business owners, managers, and leads.

Once you invest in this technology, you will wonder how you did it without the help of this fantastic software.

There are multiple advantages to using this system, but first, you may want to know what it is! Online employee time clock software can help you schedule your employees, allow them to punch in with a unique code, keep track of payments, and run daily reports.

It will enable you to stay connected to your team and allow your payroll company to see exactly how many hours an employee has worked. This is the best bookkeeper and scheduler you will find.

Online time clock software can also allow you to set authorized locations for your employees to punch in.

That means if you have employees on the road or working from home, they can still punch in, but only from allowed locations.

This makes your life more simple because it automatically keeps your team on track with minimal oversight.

Advantages Of Using Online Employee Time Clock Software

An online timecard system can help boost your team morale. How? It will ensure everyone knows they are getting paid accurately down to the second while working on the clock.

This allows them to feel responsible for their time and be more productive on their designated projects. If you want to reap those benefits, you should think about investing!

Online employee time clock software not only allows you to keep track of hours worked on a project and hours worked by each team member.

The software will enable you to run a safer business. You can limit time theft, buddy punching and even make sure that your team is safe at work. Let’s look at a few of these benefits in more detail.

  • Time Theft – Time theft comes in many different forms but is often when employees do other things than their assigned projects or tasks. When they’re getting paid to take long lunches, run errands, or other things that waste company time and make you less profitable. With online employee time clock software, you can take advantage of GPS tracking features to ensure that employees are working on what they should be at any given time.
  • Buddy Punching – When a team member purposely punches in a co-worker who is running late, this is called buddy punching. It happens with older and manual systems that can’t identify each individual. Many newer timesheet management systems will take a picture of the person punching in or only allow an employee to punch time once their identity has been verified.
  • Keeping An Eye Out – If you have an employee who punctual and reliable but comes in late or doesn’t punch in at all, you can receive an alert. You can check in on this person and make sure everything is okay. Such job clock notifications can be especially beneficial if you have employees who work out in the field and arrive at specific locations at a particular time. This is a great way to keep an eye out for your team.

With employee timesheet software, you can easily send out company updates and schedule changes for an entire team.

It opens up a new way to communicate but at the same time allows the team independence and freedom. This is an excellent way to limit your stress and make your team happier.

If you have yet to switch to an online employee time clock, now is the time. It is an absolute must for any business owner or manager.

It can help change the way you run your business and help you become more efficient at running your team.

This can bring your team together by building trust and promoting happiness. They will see you are pleased with the results and work harder for you to finish their projects.