6 Ways To Make Friends With People From Other Countries


Published on September 12th, 2019

Meeting foreigners or people from other countries is an exciting experience. You get to learn their language, their food, and generally their culture. You also get to travel to visit them hence enjoying the beauty of this planet.

However, one of the hindrances in how to meet new people. Do you love meeting new people but have no idea how you can start it out? Well, it is not difficult as most people might be thinking.

There are many ways that you can meet foreigners and make new friends. What you need is to go where they are. Here are some of the surprising ways of communicating with foreigners.

1. Online Platforms

The internet has changed how people meet and associate today.

Unlike the past, when physical meetings or using letters were the main ways of meeting new people or foreigners, now the internet is enabling communication with foreigners in real-time.

There are thousands of online platforms that you can sign in to and start making new foreign friends instantly.

Some of the main sites that you should consider include Meetup, MeetMe, Interpal, and others.

You can also make international friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

2. Attend International Concerts

Any concert that has been labeled international means that people from different countries will be attending.

That means you can meet new people from various countries who can make good foreign friends.

It could a music concert, a church concert or any concert that is bringing people from different parts of the world together.

3. Attend International Events In Your Area

make friend

If your city is hosting an international event, then you need to attend if you want to make foreign friends.

Most of these events, be it a sports event such as the marathon, rugby tournament, boxing events, or any other events brings people from other countries to your city.

Make sure that you smart for the event and don’t forget to wear the event so that you don’t look odd. Then you can start chatting with foreigners during the event and make friends.

Football matches in your city could also be a perfect place to meet foreigners. Since people from different countries are likely to attend, just go there and choose who you would like to be your friend.

But choose your friends wisely. Check their country of origin and if there is something you love about them.

4. Visit Exotic Restaurants

If you want to meet foreigners you can visit “their territory”. Most of the foreign people try to find out the restaurants with their home cuisine abroad.

For example, the USA tourists can be found in American fast-food restaurants, people from China prefer Asian food and so on.

The best way to find out and book the table in such a restaurant is to use a restaurant booking system.

You can use EatApp and discover menu options, prices, discounts, restaurant layout and also some reviews.

5. Travel Large

Taking a Travel_uk

If you really want to experience new cultures and people, then waiting in your city may not bear the fruits you are looking for.

That is why we recommend that you consider going out to look for new friends.

If you love people from Mexica and their culture, then you should consider traveling to this is country.

If you like to know something about the African tribes, then you can take a safari to Africa to experience first hand.

That is how traveling can help you achieve your goals. We recommend travelers to use companies that arrange travel where you get to stay in people’s homes when you travel.

Use websites such as Home exchange and where foreigners offer to shelter you for the duration of your trip.

This enables to meet the foreigners directly and also get to choose where you want to stay.

6. Use Phone Number Lookup

Although communicating and meeting with foreigners is an exciting experience, it can also be risky.

Not all foreigners are good people. Some of them are dangerous criminals, while others could be serial killers.

That is why it is important to use reverse number lookup to know who they are.

If you already know their phone number you can use Spokeo to conduct a phone number search to find their social media profiles, email, resident and location and so on.

This information is crucial, especially if you are planning to meet them in person.

Reverse phone lookup with the Spokeo app also provides information on the criminal records of the person. That is one of the best ways to keep safe when communicating with foreigners.


Meeting and making a foreigner your friend is an experience that helps you to understand other people’s cultures, how they do things and how they see things differently from you.

It also enables one to appreciate people for who they are and more so their culture. With these tips, you can easily find foreigners and at the same time keep yourself safe from.