How To Conquer The Enemy Of PowerPoint Microsoft 365 Presentations

How To Conquer The Enemy Of PowerPoint Microsoft 365 Presentations

October 15th, 2020   |   Updated on September 1st, 2023

Presentations of PowerPoint format are usually created to tell about company, products, projects, or services in a well-defined way.

Very often, such files do not represent any part of the reporting documents, but they are crucial for business.

The presentation is indispensable for sales: if it is not successful, other documents may not be needed at all.

That is why PowerPoints are very popular among sales managers; how else could they create a favorable impression?

It cannot be done by boring tables and documents, where an inexperienced user cannot understand anything.

At the same time, presentations are straightforward—a couple of pics, a popular form of demonstration, and that’s it: a client is interested, and you can discuss a possible contract.

However, if you made an appointment with a client, took a chair in front of him, and you tried to open a presentation, but saw an unexpected error:

powerPoint Microsoft

As a result, your presentation fails; you will not get any bonus. For that matter, your client laughed about it.

Even if you had noticed the issue several hours before the meeting with the client, you could not change anything. But everything changes if you have Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint .

Moreover, I think it’s too early starting with big guns; besides, the application is paid. Are there some other ways to save the presentation? Read the rest of this article and check it out.

Can A New PowerPoint Microsoft 365 Make Us Feel Good?

Maybe, you just need to update to Microsoft 365, the company gets a lot of money for a subscription, so their new PowerPoint Microsoft 365 should be better, safer, and more reliable, right? You should have known better, it is the same old PowerPoint 2019, but you are asked to pay more for it, that’s the difference.

Every month these capitalists will get a certain amount from you for Microsoft 365 by subscription.

On the one hand, it is smaller than a one-time license fee; on the other hand—as time goes on, you will pay more than the license fee. It depends on how long you use the subscription. I do not like such semi-fraudulent schemes.

As soon as you lose a source of income, Microsoft 365 is blocked. It is better to pay a one-time fee, and that’s all; nobody charges your card without you knowing.

Moreover, we have similar issues in either new or old PowerPoint. Recovery options are not changed, as well.

How To Recover PowerPoint Manually

First of all, a straightforward and logical question, do you have a backup? Restoring from backup represents the most uncomplicated option; you just need to have a backup, which is another question.

Do not be confused by the word “backup” it is not a curse. You do not need to have unique skills to prepare a backup.

Then again, if you have an important document, where you have put a lot of effort, why not just copy it to a flash disk or a mobile phone? What can it hurt? It will be your backup, no need to download anything and configure.

It takes a minute of your time. In case you do not have anything except a damaged file, try to restore it using inbuilt PowerPoint options. It works as follows:

  • Go to the following menu: File – Open


  • Click the button Recover Unsaved Presentations
  • Choose a file to open—if it is available;
  • Press the Open button.

Press the Open button

The point is that when you work on a PowerPoint presentation, some unsaved drafts could occur. These files are kept in a service application folder.

If you are lucky enough, this data can be used to get back information, considered already lost. But the same option exists in other, earlier PowerPoint versions.

Now I am confused. Does the new PowerPoint Microsoft 365 have something new at all?

If you previously had an earlier PowerPoint version, you have already paid attention that nothing is changed so far; the buttons look similar.

Maybe, its recovery efficiency is slightly changed, perhaps even improved? Nope, it is not as good as you think here.


If, after a recovery attempt, your document is still unopenable, Microsoft cannot help, and it is useless to contact them.

On the other hand, several external services could help, for example, Recovery Toolbox, Inc.

Among other things, it allows recovering corrupted PowerPoint Microsoft 365 presentations, moreover any PowerPoint presentation, of any version.

How Does Recovery Toolbox For PowerPoint Work?

How Does Recovery Toolbox For PowerPoint Work


This tool uses a proprietary engine to recover data from corrupted presentations. Recovery Toolbox has nothing in common with the weak recovery engine used by Microsoft PowerPoint 365.

It is safe because the program works offline and does not try to connect to any resource, including the developer’s servers. The size of the software is 3.5 Mb only, and it can be installed on any PC, working on OS Windows.

It is the best choice if you are working with confidential data and do not want to share it with others. It supports full compatibility with any version of PowerPoint, including Microsoft 365.

I think that the most crucial feature of Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint  —it is a free evaluation of recovery, anytime, without restrictions.

There is no need to open your wallet right now since if you are not sure of success, the free demo version of the tool can be downloaded anytime so that you may check everything.

This evaluation of recovery success represents the following: the program recovers three slides, their preview is performed from within PowerPoint, and it is known as the Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint; however, that it is possible only if PowerPoint is installed on your computer at all.

Do not forget that Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint is not based on some magic; it is only an efficient recovery engine. That is why it is not always possible to recover all data to its original state.

At the same time, you may have enough data to continue working. If you need to look for a fair trade-off, do not expect that it repairs everything to the last comma. The program works as follows:

  • Download Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint from this page:
  • Install the program
  • Start Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint to begin
  • Choose a damaged PowerPoint presentation to recover

How Does Recovery Toolbox For PowerPoint Work

  • Start the analysis of the corrupted document
  • Evaluate the results of recovery by previewing the first three slides of the document
  • Save all data into a new undamaged file of PowerPoint Microsoft 365 format.

Pay attention to the 7th point; it becomes available only after the program registration.

If you have reached this step and you need to export data into a new file to resume working first, make sure everything looks to be okay.

You have evaluated the results and decided that you may keep on working with the recovered file.

How Does Recovery Toolbox For PowerPoint Work

Without registration, the 7th point is not available, and you can only evaluate the recovery results by previewing the first three slides.

After this, you can either remove Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint and do not use this recovery option or proceed to the software registration and get a registration key.

How Does Recovery Toolbox For PowerPoint Work

Even if you have decided not to use the program right now, there is no need to remove it.

Maybe you will have better luck next time. If you have registered Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint, remember that it is not a one-time service.

It allows repairing an unlimited number of documents, either of PowerPoint Microsoft 365 or other, earlier versions.

Even if you do not damage business-critical documents too often, maybe your colleagues need some help.

What If I Do Not Have A Computer With Windows?

No problem, Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint has already been installed on the developer’s server so it can quickly restore data online.

You can send files from any device, not only Windows. It can be an Android phone, tablet, or even an iOS device.

However, it should be connected to the Internet to upload PowerPoint Microsoft 365 presentations and to download recovered documents.

The most important thing is the price. A one-time recovery service costs less at only $10, and a permanent license is $27.

After the first incident, users typically become more attentive to the safety of their data; therefore, the probability of an error reoccurring is lower.

Who knows, maybe you will never encounter a similar issue in the future, so why you should pay more? Even if you work with confidential data, there is no need to worry.

Online recovery services are fully automatic; all remaining files are removed after performing your order. The service works as follows:

Recovery Toolbox For PowerPoint Work

  • Choose a file to upload
  • Provide your email and CAPTCHA
  • Go to the next stage and pay for the recovery service
  • Download a recovered file


The same recovery guidelines are acceptable for any PowerPoint version, not only Microsoft 365.

Moreover, when I updated to Microsoft 365, I did not find any specific difference, except an increased Microsoft appetite to earn more money, now they want to charge users monthly.

Do you need it, or maybe it is easier to buy a lifetime license? That’s difficult to say. I think that with the sharing economy, clients could be found for sure.

On the other hand, this life of borrowing appears to be complicated: flat rental, carsharing, and, finally, software by subscription.

Survive in the absence of money—double-dipping coronavirus or maybe something worse—would be more complicated.

If you lose your income, you lose your home and car as well. Moreover, you cannot even work on the computer because Office stops working in the absence of monthly payments to Microsoft.

That is why I would advise thinking twice before supporting such sophisticated schemes; maybe you need something of your own instead of taking on a lease? Remember, Microsoft 365 does not have anything new.

It just wants to get more and more money, using its virtual monopoly position.

If you do not wish to feed Microsoft at all—migrate to Linux and OpenOffice. However, that’s another story: strangeness, discomfort, and compatibility issues.

That is why most of us should suffer and eat this. At that pessimistic notice, I’d like to say goodbye. All optimists are on vacation. I wish you never to encounter data corruption issues in PowerPoint Microsoft 365 files.