Why You Must Protect Your Privacy With A Virtual Number

Privacy With A Virtual Number

Published on February 16th, 2022

There are many reasons why it is important to keep your privacy safe. This includes not posting your address or phone number on social media, only giving out your email for necessary purposes, and never giving out personal information (whether it’s over the phone or in person).

The internet has blurred the line between our personal and professional lives. With common use of instant messengers like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Whats App, etc., people often forget about the importance of privacy.

All they think is “I’m just chatting with friends”. But the truth is they are opening themselves up for potential danger by doing this.

That’s where a virtual phone number comes in handy! More commonly known as Non VoIP, it protects your privacy by preventing your real number from being leaked when there is a security leak in the platforms we commonly use.

By getting a new virtual number, you can call/send/receive SMS anonymously and protect your privacy at the same time!

The Importance Of Privacy

Privacy is an important part of life. It’s not just a digital issue, it’s a human right. And while we might think our personal information is safe on the internet, it isn’t always.

It is quite crucial to ensure that any personal information you share online or offline remains confidential. For example, do not post your address or phone number on social media or give out your email for anything other than necessary purposes.

Sometimes people forget to value their own privacy in the process. Privacy allows us to maintain control over who we allow in our lives and what we share with others online and offline.

Ways To Protect Your Personal Information

Privacy is a right, not a privilege. It has been violated so much in the recent years that many people have come to take it for granted.

In order to increase the number of safe citizens, virtual phone numbers enter the scene. A Non VoIP number works perfectly since it protects your privacy as they are not attached to a physical location and help users to be untraceable online.

To be more precise, a virtual number can be used to receive incoming calls and messages. It’s often used for people who have an existing business with a landline, but want to have a separate line for personal use. A virtual number gives you the ability to keep your personal life private, while still being able to conduct your business.

Virtual numbers are great for people who want their work life and personal life to be separated or are looking for more privacy in their personal lives. You can also provide these Non VoIP numbers to friends/family who need it without worrying of releasing your real number!

The Serious SPAM Problem

You should not take SPAM lightly. It’s an issue that is costing businesses millions of dollars every year. The problem with email, social media, and chat rooms is that people are constantly giving out their personal information without realising it. This information can be sold to the highest bidder.

How A Virtual Number Will Benefit You

A virtual phone number is a great investment for any business or individual because it can protect your privacy. But there are many other ways this will benefit you:

  • If you have a virtual phone, people will be less likely to call you to sell something. This is because they know it’s not your real number and they won’t be able to reach you unless you want them to. Not only does this help control your spam calls, but it also helps with cold callers as well – the ones who never seem to take no for an answer.
  • If someone hacks into social media and releases personal information, like your address and phone number, by having a virtual phone number those details will stay private and hidden from potential dangers. This way you don’t have to worry about private information getting leaked and putting yourself at risk.

How To Get A Virtual Number

If you need a phone number in a hurry, your best option is to get a virtual number. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll have a brand-new phone number that you can use with any service that requires one.

You also don’t have to worry about being bombarded with calls from telemarketers or spam texts because it is an all-new number.

You can get a virtual number from various providers, but the most popular one is Google Voice. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to set up. However, if you want to go even more anonymous, you can go to major to get them.

SMS Verification With Virtual Numbers

In the past, when you signed up for a service, you were required to give out your phone number. But nowadays, with so many security breaches and identity thefts, companies are starting to use SMS verification with virtual numbers.

This prevents people from trying to steal your identity or hack into your accounts by getting your personal information from these platforms.

With a virtual number, you can know that only the relevant people will have access to your account. This way, nobody will be able to get in and steal your information without you knowing about it!

How Virtual Numbers Help To Fight SPAM

One of the most annoying things about being online is not being able to stop SPAM. It can be a hassle to constantly delete messages that aren’t from people you know. And, as if that’s not bad enough, those messages can also contain viruses and malware.

But what if your virtual number helped to fight SPAM? Well, it does! Whenever you give out a Non VoIP number for something like a contest or a giveaway, you will be notified by text whenever someone sends you a message. This means no more SPAM messages going unnoticed and getting past your spam folder!


Your privacy is important. You may not think you have a lot of personal information on the internet, but there are a lot of ways your information can be stolen. The more information a hacker has about you, the easier it is to steal your identity and cause you a lot of trouble.

A virtual number is the best way to stay safe online. It will make it nearly impossible for a hacker to get information about you and cause you any harm.

Your privacy is too important to take a risk with. Get a virtual number today!