How To Access US Netflix In Australia

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October 15th, 2019   |   Updated on May 7th, 2020

There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the best streaming channels in the world. The channel single-handedly changed the way we watch movies and TV shows.

Moving on from the traditional ways of renting out movies, or purchasing expensive DVD sets, Netflix presented an easier way for us to enjoy our Saturday nights.

Following up on the model that most gyms employ, Netflix allowed users to stream from their immense library of content while paying a fixed monthly fee only.

Apart from the convenience on offer by the streaming brand, Netflix also helped entertainment lovers save a lot of money by not having to pay any unnecessary penalty fee or the sale price of a whole DVD that we were only going to watch once.

But as good as Netflix is, the service wasn’t available in Australia for the best part of the last two decades. Netflix kept itself restricted to the United States only, and people in other countries had no access to it.

However, around 3 years ago, Netflix made its service global and allowed people in many other countries, including Australians, to access the channel from anywhere.

This new found freedom to access Netflix from anywhere came at a price though. And that price was a limited library of streamable content.

Netflix made the decision of showing different libraries in all the countries where it is available. Each library had different number of content available.

In some countries, there are only a few hundred movies available. In countries like the US, users can stream thousands of movies and TV shows.

If you’re confused as to why Netflix is displaying different libraries in different countries, then allow me to erase your confusion. The reason why Netflix is different in every country is because of geo-licensing. Want to learn more about geo-licensing? Then keep reading!

1. What Is Geo-Licensing?

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Geo-licensing means licensing content for certain regions only. Geo-licensing is more common in the entertainment industry than you think.

Because studios are always looking for ways to make the most amount of money, geo-licensing their content helps them achieve their money making objectives.

Streaming services also find this method to be helpful and cost-effective for them. Thanks to geo-licensing, they don’t have to buy the license to stream the content in countries they don’t operate in.

They can also avoid getting license for countries where that content isn’t very popular.

While geo-licensing benefits content producers and providers, the audience has to suffer. When we buy a Netflix subscription, we do it with the hope that we’ll be able to stream a big library full of amazing content. Unfortunately, that library is only available to the US audience for now.

2. Netflix Costs More In Australia But Shows Less Content!

You’ll be amazed at the unfairness of the situation when you’ll learn that you actually pay more for Netflix than an American, and you still get to see less content. Though, it sounds horrible, it is the truth.

Australians already have to suffer from price discrimination. The country is most unfairly treated by most streaming services. It’s a fact that an Australian is charged more for a streaming service than a person in any other country.

3. How To Watch Netflix US In Australia?


If you haven’t heard about it yet, then you’d probably get surprised after learning just how big the American Netflix library actually is. It is the biggest compared to all the other versions of Netflix.

There are over 5,000 pieces of content in the American library alone. These include some of the best movies and TV shows found anywhere.

And while this library is only meant to be available from the US alone, you can still bypass these restrictions with ease by using a VPN.

VPNs come with different forms and functions. While there exists hundreds of VPN services, not all of them are perfect for streaming American Netflix. Unlike other content providers, Netflix is very strict when it comes to its geo-blocking policy.

This is why most streaming services do not offer access to American Netflix. There are only a handful of streaming services that give access to American Netflix.

The best one in my opinion is PureVPN. I’ve reviewed the service myself and my PureVPN Australia Review was amazing.

Streaming Netflix with PureVPN is easier than you think. All you have to do is to subscribe to PureVPN, download the app on the device you’re using, visit “streaming mode,” and select Netflix US from the list of popular websites. Once

4. Why Choose PureVPN?

PureVPN is one of the very few streaming services that offer access to the American version of Netflix. My PureVPN Australia review was also amazing. The service is the fastest VPN in Australia.

With PureVPN, you can enjoy loads of streaming content. Furthermore, you can avoid all kinds of buffering issues because it is the fastest VPN that I know of.

PureVPN has got over 2,000 VPN servers in 140 countries. These includes specialized servers in the United States that offer access to American Netflix.

PureVPN is also one of the few VPN services that have VPN server in Australia. This means that any expats who travel outside Australia can continue to access their local channels with ease from anywhere.

So now that you know what PureVPN does, we recommend that you go for PureVPN immediately and enjoy complete internet freedom on the web.