The Real-World Locations Of 3 Cult Films

Legendary Films Were Shot

February 3rd, 2020   |   Updated on April 28th, 2021

Every year, the world film industry releases dozens of new films. And in the process of viewing them, you can see not only fantastic landscapes created by computer graphics but real streets, villages, and cities.

And sometimes they are so amazing that it is impossible to believe that they are not a figment of the imagination of designers and directors.

In this article, we present 3 really existing places where the legendary films were shot. And if you are interested in watching this or that film, make sure to visit

1. Tataouine

While watching the cult Star Wars, one is involuntarily amazed at the work of the directors, who seem to have put all their imagination into the development of exteriors and interiors for the shooting. And there are few locations which exist in reality.

Among them is the city of Tataouine located in the southern part of Tunisia. The shooting of Star Wars took place there.

Director George Lucas was so impressed by the amazing appearance of the place, which participated in the filming, that he decided to perpetuate the name of this place. The planet Tatooine featured in the film was named after the Tunisian city.

2. New Zealand


Sometimes not only certain places or buildings are suitable for filming, but also entire settlements and vast territories.

New Zealand is rich in such locations, which, surprisingly, managed to become both the homeland of the hobbits and a haven for King Kong.

One of the tourist meccas of recent years is a village with a pretty speaking name Hobbiton. It was here that the filming of the already legendary movies The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit took place.

Now this place is a favorite point on the map for fans of Tolkienists.

There are two reasons for such an unusual choice of location for filming. Firstly, the countryside in the village, picturesque and colorful, was ideal for filming Middle-earth.

And secondly, film director Peter Jackson is a New Zealander, and he knew for sure that there would be suitable landscapes in his homeland.

The nature is also unique in New Zealand. Almost everything there can be used for beautiful shooting. It starts from majestic cliffs and finishes with an impenetrable jungle.

3. Gapstow Bridge

Sometimes in a vast area, it is impossible to find a single piece capable of satisfying the director’s picky eyes.

And sometimes in the stone jungle of a big city, it is possible to notice a small place, which will then remain forever in the frames of the film.

This happened with the New York Gapstow Bridge, one of the attractions of Central Park. A small stone bridge became the location for the filming of the cult film called Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

In addition to the story of a child lost in a huge metropolis, the Gapstow bridge managed to star in such films as Cruel Intentions and The Devil Wears Prada.