5 Things To Know About Reseller Hosting Providers


September 22nd, 2020   |   Updated on February 24th, 2024

There are vital aspects that need to be acknowledged when choosing a web hosting solution for your business.

The reseller web hosting arena must be cost-effective, scalable, and offers total convenience for every entrepreneur.

Reseller type of web hosting enables you to manage your bandwidth, drive space, cPanel, and tracking tools to serve multiple sites from third parties.

But is a reseller hosting an excellent business idea? Will it enable you to resell services and products to hosting companies? We’ll tackle all the essential factors that you need to know about this unique hosting type and what are the benefits you can get.

Plus you will get an idea and a better understanding of how to start generating web hosting business income.

What Is A Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a hosting that involves a company (your chosen hosting provider) renting hard drive storage and bandwidth to other companies (start-up or small to medium-size businesses) that rents space to other third-party entrepreneurs or small businesses.

In short, reseller web hosting allows you to have a hosting server for your customers or clients like you who own the hosting company.

Reseller web hosting is ideal for brooding entrepreneurs that want to begin their very own hosting business. It’s suitable for present developers or designers that want to add extra service to their business or brand.

If you are residing in Australia, here’s a list of Australian options you may want to reconsider developing your web hosting business. Aside from that, we’ve gathered a few vital features that you need to check with a reseller hosting solution.

Doing intensive research about the company’s reputation is vital before signing up. While there are many web host providers in the market, only a few have proven reliable service.

Purchasing the appropriate package for your business goal that meets your demand is essential. You have to understand the ins and outs of your focus market to meet potential clients.

After that, you are creating a brand for your hosting package together with your pricing with complete analysis helps you determine your profit margin.

5 Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing A Reseller Web Hosting Provider

Reseller hosting is an excellent business idea that offers a straightforward approach with minimal investments. It’s a simple yet powerful way to start your hosting business. The setup cost is minimal compared to some partnerships.

Before setting up your reseller hosting business, here are essential factors that you need to consider and understand with this type of web hosting.

1. Customizable Package Option

Every business demand is unique, and setting up a reseller hosting requires customizable packages to help you out.

Find one that allows you to assign disk storage, bandwidth, or emails with a fair amount of domains associated with it. You should analyze the potential growth of your clients before package customization.

Keep customer segmentation clear, which allows you to identify the storage or bandwidth your clients will need.

Check with your provider or parent host that are offering customizable packages. That way, you can easily upscale your business to meet your client’s requirements.

2. Excellent Uptime Score

Check the uptime score of your parent company. It’s vital for any reseller hosting solutions to always have a high uptime score with 24/7 operations with robust servers and reliable network connectivity.

Check for a minimum uptime score of 99.5% or above. Anything below this rate can negatively impact the client’s business.

3. Regular Or Frequent Maintenance

Select a parent firm that offers routine server maintenance, fast hardware setup, pushing updates for software, or effectively providing security measures.

Make sure it operates 24/7; a hosting provider must guarantee DDOS mitigation solutions, customize Firewall configuration, and H/A (Hyper-Availability) with multiple prolixity.

4. Excellent Technical Support

A good support team that can assist you and your customers are vital to your hosting business’s success. Finding a reseller hosting provider that offers excellent technical support is not just beneficial for your business but with the parent web hosting firm.

5. Favorable Customer Feedback

Customer feedback about the service that a potential parent firm is vital as it allows you to weigh your options and decide for the best.

A clear insight from your prospective host provider increases your business success. Check the years of experience your parent host has and the insights relevant to their satisfied customers.


Reseller web hosting is a fast, proven, and reliable way of setting up your hosting business. The factors mentioned above can help you create a sound decision in building and establishing your business.

Thorough market reviews and checks for an upstream provider that offers outstanding service at a competitive price are crucial to success.