Things To Check Before Sending Wedding Invitations

Sending Wedding Invitations

Published on December 29th, 2021

Wedding invitations are as important as the wedding itself. You need to check several things before dispatching those wedding cards, be it a basic invite or something formal, there are a few important things that cannot be ignored.

If a piece of single information would be missing, then you would make it impossible for the guests to arrive at your wedding.

If your wedding is just around the corner, and you do not know what to do with the invitation cards, then you have landed on the right page, we will share with you all the necessary things that should be mentioned on the card.

The Design Of The Card

The first thing to be checked is the design of the invitation. It should be an easy to open invitation, if you are preparing for a big card that has all the necessary details, then you must ensure that each detail must be mentioned prominently.

For example, for a destination wedding, the sender will need to share all the relevant details. So to mention them it is recommended that you should have a separate box for each detail.

This has to be checked, no matter how much you like a design, still, if it does not serve the purpose of sending all the details, and making them prominent then there is no point in sending a wedding invitation.

The Size Of The Wedding Invitation

While sending the wedding invitation, one thing which is often ignored is the size of the card. Most people do not realize it but the size of the card can decide the price of the card.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on the card then the best way would be to minimize the size of the card.

The wedding invitation should neither be too big, nor too small. It must be of average size, as then it is easier to carry, and weighs less. When you would be sending it through post then again you will get to save your money.

The Details

The most important thing and the reason why you are sending the wedding invitation is the details. You must not skip any of those. For every wedding card, you should enter the following details.

  • The venue. Everyone should know exactly where they must come. Most of the time, people only write the address but do not share the location. It would be wise to paste a snapshot of the Google Map on the wedding invitation for the exact location. If you do not want to cover this much space on the wedding invitation, then you should share the landmarks instead.
  • Then you should mention the date, here again, people tend to mention the American style date. Do not go for that, even though it looks formal, but it is confusing too. Therefore it is better to have the date written in words.
  • Then you should write the names of the people who are waiting for the guess. It can be a bride’s maid or someone who is close to you.
  • The contact numbers of someone who is managing the event for you. You should mention the numbers only on those cards which will be given to relatives or colleagues who do not know anyone in your family. It is to ensure that they can easily reach out to you.
  • You must also mention the numbers of the event organizers. However, one should tell the event organizer about it, so that it must go with the package.


You must not send a wedding card without good wishes. It will look pretty rude if you would do anything that goes against the rituals of courtesy. So remember to add a few wishes at the top of the wedding invitation.

The Answer Card

There are various names for it, but it would be better to attach a reply card with the wedding invitation. It is necessary so that you must get the answers on time.

It must have all the sections for a proper answer. It will be an extra expense, and most people might not want to do it, but it is necessary when you want to have a formal invitation.

The Addresses

You should have a list of the addresses of all the people who are invited to your wedding. While sending the invitation, check if the address is right.

A single mistake on the envelope can lead to a serious problem. You will either receive the uninvited guests, or lose the opportunity to meet your favorite people at your wedding.