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Information Monitoring

Published on May 11th, 2022

If you didn’t catch it last week, SAP partner Splunk made announcements of the most exciting news for an SAP IT manager. At their well-attended online .conf2020 gathering, Splunk featured their latest integration with SAP, Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP(r) solutions.

By utilizing Service Intelligence for SAP solutions both new and existing Splunk ITSI customers will gain a comprehensive overview of the condition of your service, and also more in-depth analysis of various situations so you can observe your services, triage, solve and analyze mission-critical business processes to reduce costly downtimes.

Information Monitoring As Well As SAP

To be successful within the Data Age, organizations like yours require a full understanding of the data you have. This is accompanied by the ever-changing problem of delivering and sustaining innovative digital services and solutions, and at the same time helping the mission-critical systems you have.

When it is about IT monitoring tools that are compatible with SAP it can be extremely difficult to find one that will provide you with the flexibility, power in scalability, visibility and flexibility that you require to manage and monitor the vital SAP-powered apps and services.

If you don’t have the right tools, the task of running everything becomes much more challenging and difficult. If this responsibility falls entirely on you, it can be a burden. Splunk and SAP will help you out. Join Splunk training online to learn more.

Splunk Service Intelligence For SAP Solutions

Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP solutions make your job (the SAP IT admin) simpler because it gives you the ability to analyze your SAP infrastructure on a regular basis and identify issues before field engineers are ever affected. The field engineers you employ are less susceptible to having to deal with outages or other crucial issues.

For SAP customers who must keep up with the latest requirements in terms of reliability and performance within the performance of their SAP system, Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP solutions are a top and out-of-the-box service pack for Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) that provides predictive analytics that provide you with complete visibility into the condition and performance of the health of your SAP environment.

Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP solutions combines SAP information (SAP S/4HANA Cloud and S/4HANA Java on SAP, SAP NetWeaver) with information about infrastructure, providing you with a comprehensive view into the state of your services, as well as the ability to quickly go deeper into the investigation, increasing the time required to recognize and resolve problems by between 80 and 90% and ensuring continuity of business and satisfied customers. Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP solutions is powered by PowerConnect.

It is available through Splunkbase along with SAP Certified, PowerConnect collects business and technical information in SAP’s SAP environment and feeds the data into Splunk and can be connected to existing infrastructure, apps and service information. Check out this Splunk tutorial now.

Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP solutions includes features to speed up time-to-value monitoring of SAP environments using ITSI. Content includes pre-configured KPI base searches as well as templates for service, preconfigured visualizations known as glass tables, and much more.

Once installed, the components in Splunk’s Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP solutions content pack are fully customizable and, perhaps most importantly are service templates that enable you to link current services with a set of pre-configured KPIs

Splunk Service Intelligence to SAP Solutions is the latest solution by Splunk and SAP after earlier news of the availability of a free connector for Splunk Enterprise Security with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

Find Out More About AIOps.

With the increasing complexity of in the present, more than ever, teams like yours are looking to the power of machine learning, as well as sophisticated analytics to track the health of their business, and to protect the quality of service.

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