5 Best Ways To Spy On Someone’s WhatsApp


Published on January 11th, 2020

A few years back it wasn’t even possible to spy on someone’s phone and read their messages because at that time technology wasn’t very advanced. With the span of time as new inventions came into surface, people are now able to spy on others phone.

It doesn’t matter whatsoever the reason you have, you can now do it by using a well-trusted tool. Those who are new to such tools don’t have much idea how these tools work and which ones are the top ones in the market.

As we all know there is so much competition out there and everybody is trying to win the game of being the best one, but to really offer the finest services, one has to be actually best.

Here the question arises, which ones one should pick from? Obviously, it would be hard for those who don’t know anything about these tools.

No worries, because we wrote this article for the sake of your convenience so you would be able to select the right one that would come up to the level of your needs and provide you the best quality-assurance, performance and incredible features. Read this article till the end to find out what’s waiting for you.

Below are the 5 best ways to spy on someone’s WhatsApp:

1. Spyic


Spyic is one of the best tools in the world of spying. There is nothing that can beat this tool when it comes to spying.

It has amazing features that stand for itself, including stealth mode, no jailbreak or root the targeted device. It also has a web based interface that allows you to spy on the targeted device by using any browser you want.

By using it you can easily read WhatsApp messages of the targeted phone, check out the call history, browsing history, contact numbers and names as well.

To read Android phone’s messages you have to install the application once, but if you are spying on an iOS then you should only have iCloud account details of the device.

Spyic gives you 100% security, so there are no chances to be caught by anyone because of spying. If you are a newbie then this tool is all you need to go for because the commands are really simple to execute.

You don’t have to be worried about the set-up as well, because it is very easy to use. Anyone can make it work without any effort.

Apart from the above features, it also provides you the perk of keeping an eye on the location of the targeted phone. You don’t have to be present physically to make this tool work for you, because this software is all you need when it comes to professionalism.

This tool also permits you set up limits of Geofence, which are controlled virtual zones, and marked on a map and gains you access to everything including help you to spy on someone’s WhatsApp within a few minutes.

In case the targeted phone enters the marked perimeter in the actual world, you get an alert. There is another thing that appeals to people about Spyic is that it has an amazing customer support team that is always ready to assist you.

If you actually need any help you can contact them at any hour of the day or night. I like it personally because with the help of Spyic, you can now easily find out everything that has been shared or received through the targeted device. It also includes the things that were being typed through the phone, including social media account passwords.

How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp by Using Spyic

WhatsApp by Using Spyic

  • Sign up with Spyic and subscribe to a package that suits you
  • Provide the iCloud credentials of the target device in the Spyic dashboard
  • After gaining access to the dashboard, navigate to the ‘Social Media’ tab and select WhatsApp. Here, you will remotely and discreetly access all WhatsApp conversations on the target device.

2. Cocospy

In the world of spying we cannot overlook Cocospy. This is another mobile phone monitoring tool that has great features.

The thing that appeals a person about this software is that you don’t have to be worried about security, here everything is 100% secure.

This tool is best for children, workers, spouses, and whatsoever the reason you have behind spying, it will fulfill all the requirements.There is no need to gain access to the targeted device physically because everything is done remotely.

If you are supposed to spy on an Android device then you have to install the application once, but in the case of iOS, you should only have iCloud account details of the device.

That’s all you need to make this device work for you. There is no need to root or jailbreak the device. Cocospy works in Stealth Mode, so it means to say that your security is guaranteed. They have a great customer support service team that assists you in each and every step.

How to Spy on someone’s WhatsApp by Using Cocospy (iPhone)

WhatsApp by Using Cocospy (iPhone)

  • As initial step sign up for a free Cocospy account. Here you’ll need an email ID, which will become the username of Cocospy.
  • Pick a monthly Cocospy plan according to your need. In case you need to hack WhatsApp on one iOS device, pick Basic or Premium plan. If you need to do it for more than one device then you can select the Business subscription.
  • Now you will get an email regarding some setup instructions. They are simple to follow. You just have to input the target’s iCloud details.
  • Just wait for Cocospy to sync up with their device. This step will take a few minutes.
  • At the end you can now log in to the Cocospy dashboard by using any web browser. The dashboard provides you an outline of the targeted device’s activity. The WhatsApp web hack can be found like “Social Apps > WhatsApp” section.

3. Spyier


This application is another great invention in the world of hacking. You can easily hack iOS and Android WhatsApp messages and many other things by using this tool.

It is 100% safe to utilize. You can use it for whatever reasons you have. As it works in stealth mode so there is no need to be worried about getting exposed.

Apart from WhatsApp messages, it also helps in revealing chats, call logs, contact numbers and names, and many other things that one cannot possibly imagine.

There are millions of users using Spyier and are satisfied because of its performance. They also have an exceptional customer support team that guides you in case you feel stuck.

4. Appmia

Appmia is known as powerful tracing software which lets you to track all mobile device activities and control it by having a safe distance.

It has many great features like checking out browsing history, blocking websites that are not safe, spy on social media account chats, track targeted device’s location, record calls and surroundings, and many other things that you cannot think of.

It begins uploading the traced phone’s information and its right location within a couple of minutes. Those expected phone data can be seen by logging into your Appmia user area from any PC around. As it functions in stealth mode, then we can say there is no fear of being you spying on the targeted device.

5. FoneMonitor

By using FoneMonitor, one can easily monitor targeted device from a safe distance. It can be used for different reasons but most of the customers are using it to keep an eye on their staff members and kids.

It also provides you the GPS location of the device in case you need to know where your child is. By using this reliable application you can easily read WhatsApp messages of the targeted phone, whether it is iOS or Android, nothing is difficult for FoneMonitor.


The above mentioned devices are really good and aid people in making the right choice of choosing one of the best spying apps for Android as well as iOS.

We hope that now you would be able to make the most out of the above information and choose the one that comes up to the level of your needs.

Don’t waste more of your time in search of the perfect application, because the ones we mentioned above are the best ones. Just pick your favorite now and leave all your worries behind.