Is It Good to Study Fashion Business Management?

Fashion Business Management

May 31st, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Ask people about fashion careers, and they will talk about models, make-up artists, and designers. However, like any other field, the fashion industry needs a host of business professionals to operate and burgeon.

Say you love fashion, but you don’t have the right skills to be in the traditional job roles. Your penchant for business, marketing, and communication will still open doors for a successful career in fashion.

All you will need to do is study a programme in fashion business management to get a solid foundation and launch your career.

With immense career opportunities and a steep trajectory for growth, studying fashion business management will be the perfect cocktail of your management skills and your love for fashion.

Careers in fashion business management

A fashion business manager is the bridge between the creative heads and the business heads of the fashion industry.

Without fashion business managers, it would be nearly impossible for designers to bring their creations to you.

They do everything, from brand promotion, product management, marketing, to public relations, and loads more.

Let’s take a look at the popular positions held by fashion business managers around the world.

Fashion Brand Manager

A fashion brand manager is responsible for increasing the brand value of the fashion label. Brand image is a vital part of a fashion label.

Fashion labels don’t sell products. They sell stories, identities, inspirations to people, allowing them to relate to their individual values and uniqueness. That is why the fashion brand manager is an indispensable part of any fashion organisation.

The fashion brand manager uses various methods to promote the brand. These include campaigns to launch new products, in-depth research to understand the latest trends, and decide upon innovative strategies to inaugurate new products.

Retail Chain Outlet Manager

Fashion is people. So what better way for a fashion company to achieve their business goals than going straight to the source? A retail chain outlet manager acts as the voice of the end consumers for the fashion brand.

They are responsible for maintaining quality checks, upholding the shop floor to the highest standards, and taking regular feedback on all the products.

As a retail chain outlet manager, your work will involve taking extensive feedback and analysing it to understand which products and practices click with the customers and which need improvement. Being responsible for a chain of retail outlets, your work will also involve considerable travelling.

Fashion Production Manager

While a fashion designer creates a dress, the fashion production manager oversees the production and distribution of the dress.

To bring any product into the market, you need to source the raw materials, oversee production, ensure quality, and ship the final product to the distributors, retail outlets and end customers.

You also need to maintain inventory and take care of logistics. As a fashion production manager, you will manage all these steps to ensure the designer’s vision reaches the end-user.

Since you are the link between the designer and the final product, you will often be liaising with the production team, marketing team, logistics team, and the designer, ensuring that those fabulous fashion collections reach the market on time.

Is fashion business management a viable option?

The careers explored in this article are but the tip of the fashion-business-management-career-options-iceberg.

There are plenty more opportunities that you can inspect before choosing a path that complements your management skills and fashion interest.

Diplomas in fashion management are available in all major countries. You can surely find one near your home. For example, run a search for ‘Fashion management course Mumbai’. You will be delighted with the selection of reputed institutions that are ready to aid your career path.