5 Must Try Ideas For Sweet 16th Birthday for Your Loved Ones

Sweet 16th Birthday

Published on October 15th, 2019

Excited for an upcoming sweet sixteen birthday of your loved one? You get overjoyed when your daughter, son or niece or nephew are turning 16.

You would love to throw an extravagant and unique party to mark this day and it can get too overwhelming planning everything.

You need to plan out a party aligned with your traditions, in line with a theme to birthday teen’s liking and must please all the guests.

Without professional help, planning a wonderful party can be intimidating and tiring. Hire a birthday party catering Melbourne to plan the special occasion without any worries.

A sweet sixteen is a birthday party celebration to cheer when a teen enters young adulthood. Here are a few suggestions and interesting ideas to celebrate the big day with panache:

1. The Candle Ceremony

Customised Birthday Cakes_2

Sixteen candles are lit representing a special person of the teen’s life like parents, siblings, relatives, friends, uncles and the near dear ones.

Every person can come and lit one candle and say something nice about the birthday boy/girl. Finally, when all the 16 candles are lit and arranged on the cake, the guests sing the birthday song.

2. Parent-Teen Dance

Birthdays are special moments to be cherished by the entire family. Birthdays are a great time to enjoy and express your emotions for each other.

The celebrating teen can dance with their parents like a father-daughter dance or a mother-son dance would look beautiful and the guests can surround them and watch the first dance of the occasion. Leave the catering woes to professionals, while you enjoy the dance.

3. Themes And Specialty Cakes

Customised Birthday Cakes_1

A birthday party would be incomplete without a theme. You could select a theme based on the dress color. Another option can interest the teen such as movies or novels.

You could base your theme on a fairytale, twilight or Hollywood or red carpet theme, that the teen likes. Other fun themes could be the chocolate party or themes based on favorite games like lego or superheroes.

Once the theme of the party is decided, the cake and decorations need to fall in line. A professional catering company typically does a good job of keeping all the elements of the party aligned with the key theme.

A girl’s favorite things can be branded labels like Chanel or Dior or LV.

The cake can be custom made in the specific logos of these famous brands to delight the birthday girl.

Boys like online games and superheroes or fighting games and cakes and decorations can be done according to that. You can also plan some interesting activities based on the themes.

4. Beach Party

A beach barbeque dinner party, is loved by one and all. You can certainly plan a beach party for the teen and can invite all their friends.

A barbeque dinner party can be planned near a swimming pool if you do not want to head to the beach. Pay attention to the decoration and the accessories.

Family and friends will certainly enjoy a well-planned party and the teens would have super fun too.

You can serve some handy food to gorge on like fancy cut fruit, sparkling non-alcoholic drinks and decorate it with flowers and tulle make it look pretty. You could hire professional caterers for a hassle-free experience.

5. Spa Birthday Party


Delight our teen girl with a spa birthday party, she and her friends would love it to the core. The girls could pick up some trendy headbands from a nearby store.

You could be more creative and register for some hair and makeup fun. The girls can get hats, sunglasses, and things for props and you could book the guests a fun shoot.

You can contact a nearby salon and plan it at the convenience of your home, ensuring your birthday girl has oodles of fun with her best buddies.