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Take Care Of Your Eyes With The Proper Chosen Glasses

Take Care Of Your Eyes

January 13th, 2020   |   Updated on March 3rd, 2020

Nearly everyone has owned a pair of cheap sunglasses that they purchased at the gas station, and while you likely bought them in a time of emergency, you probably weren’t surprised that they didn’t last very long.

If you depend on vision correction to get through each day, that pair of sunglasses was likely even less effective.

Instead of opting for a cheap pair of eyewear, consider taking care of your eyes with high-quality prescription sunglasses. But when you start your shopping process, do you know what to look for? Let’s break down the essential things you need in a pair of prescription sunglasses.

1. Frames First

While it might seem like an arbitrary decision, selecting the right frames for your prescription sunglasses can make or break your entire eyewear experience.

Not only do you want to choose a frame that fits with your own personal sense of style, but you’ll want to consider two additional factors: the comfort and functionality of your frames.

That’s right – your sunglasses should actually have a purpose and feel great while they’re on. It doesn’t matter how you use them as long as you make sure your frame style is appropriate for what you’ll be doing.

If you’re planning on only wearing your prescription sunglasses when you drive, a fashion-forward option might be best, while those who are into sports will want something entirely different.

Your frames should also fit your face well and in such a way as to avoid sliding down your nose or pinching anywhere.

Just like you’d want your clear glasses to be wearable all day long, your prescription sunglasses should be the same way.

The size of your frame is also key, as they need to cover your eyes as well as the delicate skin surrounding them in order to block UV rays.

2. Lenses That Matter

Proper Chosen Glasses

Part of what makes cheap gas station sunglasses so difficult to wear is that the quality of the lenses is often subpar.

A sunglass lens should certainly be tinted in order to block outdoor brightness, but they can actually provide so much more.

If you’re investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses, make sure that they at least offer a scratch-resistant coating and are made of a lightweight yet strong material.

Taking care of your eyes means different things to different people, but most will argue that when it comes to sunwear, having a polarized lens is key.

Just as a tint blocks the sun from being so bright, polarization blocks glare from affecting your vision.

A polarized pair of sunglasses features various layers within the lens that only allow certain angles of light to come through, allowing you to see great when on the water, snow, or when it’s sunny just after a rain shower.

3. An Investment In Your Eyes

Sometimes we don’t think of our vision as an essential part of our bodies like we do other things, and while some might visit the dentist often and see their primary care doctor for regular checkups, all too frequently keeping up on our eye health goes out the window.

Not only will a proper pair of sunglasses, prescription or not, help you to keep your eyes in top condition, but getting an eye exam each year will also help.

Finding the perfect pair of prescription eyewear doesn’t have to be difficult, but remember that you are making an investment in your eyes, and you will likely be paying more than you did for your gas station sunglasses.

Thankfully, a pair of high-quality sunglasses will withstand the test of time, help you to see clearly, and keep your eyes protected for many years to come.

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