4 Career Paths That Allow You To Travel And Work Simultaneously


June 21st, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Is your dream to travel and enjoy diverse cultures and cuisines in the world? Is your corporate job baring you from moving?

Are you finding it hard to realize your dream due to lack of cash or failure to balance your work and travel? Worry no more. Why not seek a career path that will allow you to travel and work remotely?

Below Are Some Of The Jobs That You Can Consider:

1. Freelancing


If you are seeking an opportunity to become your boss and earn, why not consider freelancing? You can decide to become a freelance writer and have a chance of having several clients who pay an hourly basis or depending on completion of a given project. You only need a laptop and a stable internet connection.

Freelance writing allows you to write about anything, including having your blog where you can write about your travel experiences.

This is an excellent opportunity to travel to different destinations and write about them with first-hand imagery. If your site generates a lot of traffic and is successful, travel agencies and companies get to pay for your trips and vacations so that you can write about them as well. It is thus enabling you to travel and work simultaneously.

2. Teach English Abroad

Are you an English teacher who’s looking for a new challenge while impacting positively in people’s lives? Foreign countries that don’t have English as their 1st language should become your top choice. They are in search of English teachers.

This is because their students’ level of English-speaking is very wanting. Countries in Asia like Japan, China, Thailand, and Korea are the crème de crème that need English teachers. Latin America, Middle East countries require English teachers in abundance.

Some will insist you get a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language as an essential requirement. Another requirement has a bachelors’ degree. This is an opportunity to travel to a foreign country enjoy their beautiful sceneries and earn a living at the same time.

3. Become A Tour Guide

 Tour Guide

Several tour guide companies are in search of tour assistants as well as guides. You can seek a career path in park ranger or merely a guide. By selecting this option, you find that some companies allow you to become a guide in your dream location. You will experience new cultures and earn.

With experience in tour guiding, you can save up some money and open your travel and tours agency where you take tourist to different destinations of their choice. This allows you to travel and work simultaneously and make an earning to put food on your table and afford a few luxuries.

4. Get Into The Service Industry

Do you fancy working and living in exotic places? Try the service industry. There are restaurants, hotels, pubs, nightclubs, and bars around the world. If you have a background or passion in serving clients, you can venture into this career path.

Depending on your country of choice, be accustomed to the native language to identify with your customers. During your off days, you can visit the countries great sites and see its wonders.


Don’t be cooped up in an office cubicle while your dream of traveling fades away. Seek a career path that will allow you to work remotely and have a vacation to yourself as well as your family. It’s never too late to venture into another career path.