The Pros And Cons For Using Grow Bags

Using Grow Bags

Published on May 20th, 2021

Most of people conclude that grow bags are the process of technology, because they are a new good choice for container gardening. We have to admit that grow bags bring the most convenience for those gardeners who have limited space for gardening. That is, fabric grow bags provide a fast and simple way to grow edible vegetables, fabulous flowers even healthy and fruitful fruit trees.

We hard to say that those plant pots are definitely beneficial in growth. We also have to consider their disadvantages and judge if we are tolerant.

The Advantages of Grow Bags

Recently, grow bags are popular among professional gardeners and home gardeners. Besides their feasibility, those fabric grow pots are featured by excellent aeration and drainage system. They are strong and durable, can be used for many growing seasons.

Use in Anywhere. Many gardeners hope they can enlarge their growing space while don’t ruin their original building, so they choose grow bags. In fact, the biggest advantage of grow bags is that they can used in any places where are considered unavailable for planting, for example, your rent yard, or even small balcony in apartment.

Use in Bad-Soil Areas. Planters with heavy soil may choose these grow bags, so they can have harvest fruitful and healthy vegetables, like carrots, potatoes and lettuce. If you don’t have enough soil, you can also use those bags, same as the function for raised beds or other containers, growing vegetables in loose and healthier soils.

Convenient to Use. These grow bags come in full-condition, no need to install or open holes again, very affordable. Also planting in these bags, weeding or changing soil or changing places are very convenient, you don’t have the need to utilize any tools. It means, even new gardeners also can have an impressive and brilliant garden, full season flowers and edible vegetables.

Grow Bags

Breathable Material. These bags are made with fabric material, come with excellent drainage system. They are porous, so you don’t need to worry if you over-water plants as excess water will drain out from sides or bottom.

A Healthy Root Growth. A healthy stretched root is the main advantages of grow bags. When roots grow deep and long, they will touch the edge of bags and then make reaction to outside temperature and humidity. They know they grow in limit and begin to prune themselves. This what we call “air prunes the plants root structure”. In a word, grow bags can establish a strong root system in this process.

The Disadvantages of Grow Bags

Life Span. Grow bags can be used at least two years, then they may begin to biodegradable. This is very friendly environment. While other containers like plastic bucket container can last longer, but will also face aging process.

Big Water Consumption. Grow bags need more water because of their excellent drainage features. If you are in hot summer, you may need to water them everyday.

Movement. There are varies in grow bag sizes, 1-200 gallon. 1-15 gallon bags can be easily to move with strong handles, while 20-200 gallon bags may be heavier when change places.