5 Reasons Why Coding Is So Difficult


April 8th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Coding involves the use of computer programming language to come up with useful applications — the apps that you use and the websites that you open used coding.

You might not realise the value of coding, but its applications are everywhere these days. It seems easy to do, but it involves a long and complicated process.

1. It Is Like Learning A Language


When you are already an adult, it is not easy to learn a language. It will take time before you finally learn a conversational language. The same thing is true with coding. It is like learning an entire language from scratch. If you are in the same situation, just go to and pick the best coding bootcamp to learn the coding language you want.

If you want to be a successful builder of apps or games, it is necessary for you to learn the language. You also need to manage your expectations as it could be frustrating.

If you do not learn the process like a new language, which is methodical, you will fail and will not arrive at the concrete results that you expect to see.


2. It Is Time-Consuming

You cannot finish coding in one sitting. You need to take the time to finish the job. You might even have to rethink what you did if you want to succeed.

You might also see flaws that will require you to go through the same process over again. It improves over time though, but it still might not finish as quickly as you hoped it would.


3. It Could Lead To Several Mistakes

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You might think that you have already finished the job, but then you find an error and will need to start from scratch. Even the most experienced coders also commit errors.

It depends on how much attention you put into the details of what you are doing. Presence of mind is also necessary. If you allow yourself to get distracted even for a minute, you could mess things up.


4. Everything Is Abstract

Coding is not like other projects where you can immediately see the progress in what you are doing.

You will know if you are doing the right thing or not. With coding, you can only hope that you are heading in the right direction. Thinking in abstract terms is difficult, and it takes a lot of patience.


5. It Seems Like You Are A Scientist

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Scientists approach everything methodically. Even if they know what could happen in the end, they will still go through the long process.

They know that the only way for them to have a conclusive answer is if they undergo a methodical approach.

The same thing will happen when you are coding. You need to take everything one step at a time until you arrive at the desired goal.

There are other reasons why coding is such a challenging field, and a lot of people refuse to take a job in this field.

Given the potential of coding, you need to teach your kids while they are young. You can find coding courses in London that are ideal for them to learn this skill, and which will motivate them to learn even if the process is complicated.