Young Entrepreneurs Demonstrate The 7 Qualities Needed To Succeed In Business

young Entrepreneurs

Published on October 16th, 2021

Success requires a combination of patience, the right attitude, and intelligent, hard work. Individuals also need an additional set of qualities that help them stand out, make the right decisions, and weather all storms.

Young business people like Emily George (senior client coordinator at Franchise Business Review) and Brent Dowling (CEO of Raintree Sales) embody the right qualities and attitude needed to succeed in business and life in general.

In recent interviews, the two trailblazers shed light on key factors that make them tick. According to Emily George, interpersonal skills and the quest for knowledge are key factors that can help an individual succeed in business and other spheres. She tested success in the franchise industry after spending several years in the hospitality sector.

Meanwhile, Brent Dowling believes that individuals need to wear as many hats as possible. This approach makes it easier to identify one’s sharpest skill sets and develop them more effectively.

Dowling has worked in various industries before becoming the chief executive officer of a franchise consulting company.

Top Traits

Although people measure success differently, it takes specific characteristics to become successful. For this reason, it is vital to cultivate unique qualities, such as passion, creativity, persistence, self-discipline, optimism, a strong desire to improve, and resilience.


Maintaining high levels of optimism is undoubtedly one of the key determining factors for success. This characteristic enables you to remain focused, irrespective of the challenges or circumstances you face along the way.

As such, you can find hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel, even when others consider the endeavor impossible.

The most successful business people, sportspersons, artists, and others realize their dreams because they remain optimistic and believe in themselves. Optimism makes it easier to win against all odds.


Resilient people exhibit considerable emotional strength and adaptability. The best part is that you can cultivate and nurture this quality, allowing you to become resilient and versatile, regardless of the changes occurring around you. As a result, you become more confident and optimistic.

When you develop this trait, you bounce back from setbacks quickly and easily. Resilient people typically view challenges as opportunities.


Your ability to think originally and creatively enhances your chances of success. By being creative, you can navigate sticky situations that require out-of-the-box solutions. Whether you are a business person, a scientist, or an artist, you can benefit from creative skills.

When faced with challenges, strive to find solutions that help you stand out. In doing so, you can achieve ongoing successes in your endeavors.

A Strong Desire to Improve

The most successful people understand the need to improve their skills and bolster abilities. They realize that no one is perfect; hence, it is vital to keep learning and refine the skill sets. This process starts with identifying weaknesses and strengths before working to improve on the weakest attributes.

Continuing education is a surefire way to sharpen capabilities and deepen knowledge in a specific area. For this reason, successful people typically boast an amazingly detailed understanding of particular subjects.


To become more determined, hard-working, and creative, you must be passionate about your goals or endeavors.

This quality becomes a driving force that energizes you to get out of bed each day and reach your goals. Passionate people find it easier to deal with setbacks. It complements knowledge and skill by spurring you towards success.

Successful business people, authors, athletes, and others leverage unwavering motivation and passion for reaching the top.


Procrastination is a common problem that hampers your ability to reach your goals. You need to counteract this weakness if you want to achieve your goals.

Self-discipline empowers you to maximize control of your emotions, impulses, and other unwanted habits.

A disciplined approach enables you to remain focused and persistent until you achieve success. Habitual procrastination undermines your ability to work hard and avoid distractions.


Your journey towards success can be eventful, frustrating, demanding, and prolonged. As such, you need to remain persistent in your resolve to move mountains. Persistent people cultivate and nurture the ability to persevere and conquer challenges.