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Become A Professional Essay Writer

May 10th, 2018   |   Updated on April 18th, 2023

At a first glance, the title of this article might seem somewhat dubious. There are definite questions that are raised by the idea of a student hiring an outside writer to complete writing assignments.

While the ethical line on this subject is somewhat blurred, one thing is clear: the education systems around the globe are failing their students by not teaching them certain specific academic skills. As a paid essay writer, this is where you come in.

There are numerous avenues through which to insert your skills into this niche. EssayPro is a key example. This service can help you become a freelance essay writer and put your skills to good use helping students succeed right away. And you can use online plagiarism checker for papers from Primetime Essay service let’s have a look at a few reasons why this niche needs talented people like you among its ranks.

1. Public Schools Don’t Teach Good Writing Skills Anymore

The breakdown in teaching writing skills started years ago, but we are now starting to see the effects on a much broader scale.

It might surprise you to learn that most public schools no longer so much as teach students to write in cursive (some educators actually defend this), let alone placing any heavy emphasis on sentence structure, grammar, syntax, or formatting.

An alarming number of college freshmen can’t even construct a simple sentence or identify its individual parts.

Sure, everybody learns how to write a formulaic 5-paragraph essay, but who is teaching research skills anymore? Gone are the days where determined students sat long hours in a library with a stack of index cards piecing together a quality paper.

Today, far too many teachers accept web-based, unverified sources as legit references and few even try to spot or flag blatant plagiarism, especially in a shorter essay.

This is why writing services have become necessary. Don’t think of essay writing as helping students cheat. You are filling a void left by the people charged with teaching your clients how to construct a good paper themselves. You could very well be playing a much bigger role in their education than you think.

2. The Value of Your Contribution

As an essay writer, you have the opportunity to impart the very skills that the school system has failed to teach its students and do it in a way that does not compromise your personal ethics.

A large number of students start the process on the right foot. They organize a primary outline, they do some good research (sometimes even using actual books), then get stuck on the formatting, structure, and flow of the paper.

Your job is to take the raw material and build a functional house out of it. It’s a rare occasion that a student will simply pass off the responsibility without at least attempting to understand the assignment first.

It happens, but you are always in control of the jobs you take. Use your best judgment and follow your gut. If you believe that you are helping someone learn and not just helping them avoid responsibility, your contribution to the assignment is definitely valid.

3. Helping Others Succeed

The real goal of the essay writer is to bring the student’s own skills up to a level where he or she can handle assignments independently. Most students who approach essay writing services do so with good intentions.

They look over the finished product, make note of the changes or decisions you made regarding the content and how it is presented, and slowly learn how to do it themselves.

In a majority of instances, you are using the student’s own ideas and organizing them in a way that will get them a slightly better grade.

4. Choose Your Area of Expertise

Most essay writers are dedicated to one or more focused subject areas. If you have an advanced degree and are looking to make money on the side writing essays, stick with what you know and with subjects on which you can write with accuracy and authority.

You might even want to lend your focus to areas like admissions essays – an area of particular need and importance for many incoming freshmen.

Remember that, as a professional essay writer, your job is not to do the student’s thinking for him. Rather, your job is to teach him (or her) how to think and organize thoughts on paper. The smart ones are already committed to this when they approach you.