Top 10 Best Apps For Remote Team Using Online

Best Apps For Remote Team

December 15th, 2021   |   Updated on December 28th, 2022

Different reports show remote teams’ productivity can be higher if businesses develop the best strategies to manage them.

Even though they are located in different places geographically, seamless communication with the entire team makes the work of the managers easier.

Applications developers have created some of the best apps such as workforce software Monday for remote teams to use. They help reduce the cost of communicating and make the user experience better.

They are easy to install, flexible, and scalable. The following are some of the best apps for remote teams.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes communication and collaboration between teams easy. Teams use the app to send chats, messages, run correspondences, make audio calls, and create channels.

One of the most important things to learn when working remotely and being in a team is to learn how to share notes online across teams in the safest and effective way.

Microsoft Teams make this possible and that’s why it’s considered to be the top online tool for professionals.

2. Friday

Friday is an app that helps teams stay motivated and highly productive. Users use it to share text messages outside meetings to help minimize too many meetings.

Managers set goals and align them in one place to track progress and important milestones. It keeps the teams connected and they can send thumbs up messages. It sends automated updates even when there is no meeting going on.

3. 10to8 Meeting Scheduling Software

10to8 Meeting Scheduling Software is important for synchronizing remote teams and organizing meetings. Sometimes on a specific day, certain teams might hold a departmental meeting.

There could be a virtual coffee meeting another day or meetings according to time zones. These apps sync all these meetings together to keep the entire team updated.

4. Zoom

Zoom has so many features that support productivity in remote teams. Use the app to schedule meetings, make phone calls, and send chats.

Create zoom rooms, organize webinars, events, etc. The app supports meetings as large as 500 participants and they can hold meetings up to 40 minutes for free. It has a file-sharing feature, cloud storage, and noise cancellation.

5. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is a project management app for planning projects and enhancing collaboration between teams. The manager programs the app, sets tasks for each team member, and sets submission deadlines.

He can monitor progress, communicate, and post updates all within the same application. If a certain task moves to the next phase, it’s possible to drag and drop it to the next phase. It makes management easier and avoids missing deadlines.

6. Slack

Slack is a remote team communication tool that allows workers to communicate freely and widely. Teams can send private messages to each other or send general messages that everyone can view.

It’s a tool for sharing videos and for teams to solve workplace issues. One member can choose the channels to connect to or snooze other channels to avoid disturbance due to notifications noises.

7. Team Compass

Team Compass was created by Weekdone and can be installed on a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Its real-time update feature helps update tasks each member is currently working on.

A team manager can follow what each member is doing at the moment and it helps keep everyone as one unit.

Managers use it to set goals, communicate in real-time, and give individual support to team members to help improve productivity.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive is a free app created by Google. It can be used instead of MS Office to allow remote workers to work directly on the cloud.

Remote teams don’t need to worry about attaching files that could open the possibility of virus attacks. When working from the same account, files automatically update in the cloud and managers can access them in real-time.

9. Google Meet

Google Meet is a great tool for bringing together remote teams. It helps teams organize video conferences and screen sharing. It’s a great tool for connecting through smartphones and making/recording video calls.

It provides high call quality. Its instant communication features help send messages and communication fast. By using Google Meet, teams’ productivity is enhanced and managers can easily communicate to follow-up on progress.

10. Connecteam

Connecteam provides an all-in-one remote team management feature to managers. Its features help keep the entire team members on one page. Managers use it to create schedules and celebrate remote team success.

Members share workflows with ease and communicate with their managers and vice versa. It can be used to schedule, dispatch, assign, and receive tasks reports.


Remote working has many benefits like building worker skills, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs.

One of the greatest challenges remote workers face is effective communication with managers and between each other. Applications for remote teams help improve productivity.

They create a better workflow, improve the way to conduct meetings, assign tasks, and follow up on progress.

Remote team managers should choose wisely the best tool that will help meet the need of the workers and make the remote work experience better.