What Is The Best Place To Deploy A Virtual Desktop?

Deploy A Virtual Desktop

July 8th, 2020   |   Updated on July 11th, 2020

Nowadays, most businesses tend to rent remote infrastructure resources to deploy a virtual workspace with connecting the employees via RDP, instead of maintaining the on-premises server with all corporate data.

It’s clear that each case is unique, but companies have some common reasons to make such strategic decisions. So, the most frequent causes are:

  • Aiming to reduce risks of unauthorized removal of the server and data loss;
  • The corporate IT security requirements;
  • The easiness and cost-effectiveness of connecting new employees to the virtual desktop — all apps, necessary for working, are installed to the remote corporate environment, and no need to configure each workstation separately;
  • The necessity of the corporate environment creation to ensure remote access for all employees of a geographically spread enterprise.

There are three main options of the infrastructure solutions for the arrangement of the virtual desktop — a dedicated server, VDS, or a cloud. Let’s distinguish their strong and weak points.

A Virtual Desktop On The Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the most typical solution for the virtual desktop deploying. An enterprise of any size can rent a dedicated server located in the protected datacenter of an infrastructure provider.

Top-notch datacenters in Germany have advanced high-availability and security characteristics and perfectly match the companies that need reliability and data protection.

Both SMEs and large corporations of various business areas can rent dedicated servers for sufficient remote working.

Nota bene that customers of the provider have many options for the configuration. Sure, when you rent a server, you get root access that allows you to customize your equipment and manage it as you wish.

This capability is very comprehensive if your company has a system administrator in staff, and you have specific requirements for the server.

As far as the weakness of dedicated server rental is low scalability, you should predict further business growth, and choose the server configuration regarding it.

In other cases, when your business expands, the current server configuration could stop meeting the needs, and you’ll be forced to rent a new server with more advanced resource capabilities.

VPS For A Virtual Desktop

This option is the simplest and most cost-effective, but it has severe limitations. Talking about its strong points, we can notice its low price and relatively easy setup.

But VPS has many more weaknesses. This option match only small projects that don’t plan to expand in the nearest future, due to VPS has fewer resources compared with a server and fewer opportunities for customizing.

A Virtual Desktop In A Cloud

Cloud solutions are the best option to deploy a virtual corporate environment of rapidly evolving business.

Cloud is a very flexible and scalable infrastructure with the resource configurations on-demand. When your business needs more capacities, you’ll change the configuration of cloud instances in a couple of clicks.

Anyway, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Facing the necessity of choosing the best infrastructure for your company’s virtual environment, you should make the right decision based on your business needs, its strategy of growth, and your experience.