Top 5 Best Tools For Reverse Video Search In 2021

Reverse Video Search

February 25th, 2021   |   Updated on October 4th, 2021

We all know pretty much about reverse image search, but have you heard of reverse video search?

I believe some of you are familiar with this term. But do you know any tool that performs reverse video search?

To be honest, there is no tool or search engine that can perform reverse video search. But when you search with images, you will also get the result in video formats along with image formats. Just the way you find relevant YouTube video links on the Google search page when you search with a keyword.

Is There Any Reverse Video Search Engine Or Tool?

Yes, technically, it is absolutely possible, but let’s thinks practically. In this case, a reverse search engine has to index all the videos that are being uploaded on the internet. And each frame in the video has to be indexed as well.

Consider a 2 minutes video with a frame rate of 30 frames/sec.

So, the total frames that the video will have are 30*120=3600 frames.

And there are millions of videos on the internet that are being uploaded on a daily basis. It will require a vast computing power to check every frame.

Top 5 Tools for Reverse Video Search In 2021

Here is the list of the 5 best tools for reverse video search in 2021.

1. Reverse Image Search Google

Reverse Image Search Google

Supported Platforms: Web-based.

In the year 2011, Google has added the reverse image search feature to its search engine. Just by uploading the image or pasting the image URL, you will be able to find related pictures. When you give any input in Google, it analyzes it and develops a mathematical model with the help of advanced algorithms.

After that, it effectively compares and searches for similarities against million and billions of images in Google’s database. Finally, within a few seconds, Google comes up with similar and matching results with their metadata. Just like other searches, it also shows some video results matching with the input.

The desktop version is quite easy. While on the other hand, the mobile version is a bit complicated. The best thing is that there is no limitation of file size or file type for google. The chances of finding similar results are really high here, as it has the largest number of images indexed.

2. Yandex Images

Yandex Images

Supported Platforms: Web-based.

This Russian search engine can be used as an alternative option to Google. The image search functionality of Yandex is pretty much accurate. But there is a drawback, and that is it only shows where the image has been used. In case the Yandex database failed to find the exact match, it will show you similar results.

Along with other related keywords, you can select the dimension for configuring your search. To perform a reverse video search, you need to take a screenshot from the video and open the Yandex website.

Now click on the camera icon and upload the image. You also can paste the image URL on the search slot. It will take a few seconds to search the exact matches and will show the result.

3. Tineye


Supported Platforms: Web-based.

If we consider the image identification technology in spite of the metadata, keywords, and watermarks, Tineye is the first image search engine. When you put a picture, this web-based tool generates a compact and unique digital signature or fingerprint. And then it matches with other indexed images.

This search engine has the potential to even search edited images and also shows the time and date when teh image was published. The list does not end here. It also can identify the smaller, larger, or cropped version of the image. So, when you are performing a reverse video search, there is nothing to worry about.

But there are some limitations with Tineye. This tool does not support any image exceeding the size limit of 20 MB. Tineeye also does not perform facial recognition and recognizes outlines of objects. You also can sort the result by smallest and largest image and also worst and best match.

4. Berify


Supported Platforms: Web-based.

Verify is another web-based reverse search engine. As per the authority, apart from performing reverse image search, this tool also can perform reverse video search. And there is a piece of good news for you. Berify actually does it.

You can easily log in with a free account and check upto 5 reverse search images in one month. It will continue till the time you will use it on a monthly basis. So, you are getting a little option to check for duplicate videos.

So, in order to do the reverse video search, you need to take a screenshot from the video. Now, upload it on the Berify website. It will take a bit of time as this tool is a little slower than others. But you will surely be surprised by seeing the result.

5. Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search

Supported Platforms: Web-based, android, iOS.

Bing visual search comes with a really useful user interface. You can turn on the private mode for a single search and for all your searches as well. This image search tool is packed with several attractive features. “Search within images” is one of them.

The simple user interface that this reverse video search tool offers is backed by powerful artificial intelligence. And this AI technology has the potential to search for an object within an object. Along with that, it also has the ability to recognize people in photographs.

It also has an information box on the right side, which gives a small summary about the image apart from showing related searches. By just clicking on it, you will get further information.

Bottom Line

Apart from Berify, no tools are ankle to perform reverse video search. So, we can play smartly here. We can take a screenshot from the video, where an object or face is clearly visible, and perform the reverse image search. The result will also show you some video references as well.

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