4 Best Tools Of Windows 10/8/7 Password Reset

Tools Of Windows 10/8/7 Password Reset_1

September 11th, 2018   |   Updated on July 18th, 2019

Passwords are the most used method for authentication, and in Windows 10/8/7 as in any other operating system, they are very important.

Basically, without a password, you cannot log into your computer with the latest Microsoft operating system. One of the worst computer situations is losing or forgetting a password.

Losing a login password can be a terrible thing for any user – quiet, there is a solution.

Important Note:

A program that allows you to recover the Windows password is just one of the many ways to find a lost Windows password.

I’ll show you a series of software that will allow you to reset and recover any Windows password in a simple way in case you have lost or forgotten it.

1. Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit is a totally different tool because it is the combination of boot and command. First, you have to download ISO image mount it to the device and then use command type interface to give the command to this tool that what you want. This tool provides you both options that erase your password or recover your Windows 10/8/7 password.

Best Tools Of Windows 10/8/7 Password Reset

This tool is much difficult for the first time user because it does not have the graphical user interface. But the commands for this tool is so simple so if you use it first time then after this you don’t have any problem in using this tool.


2. iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

iSeePassword is a popular tool for Windows 10/8/7 password recovery in 2017-2018, According to the different users, which is the best Windows password recovery tool without any doubt and you can use it easily.

This tool is the fast, reliable and simple in use also for those users who don’t know about the computer or don’t have any knowledge of IT.

You don’t need to log in to your windows 10/8/7 to recover your Windows password, because iSeePassword can burn iSO file to DVD/CD/USB drive to create a bootable disc for resetting Windows password.

What you need to do is:

  • Install the iSeePassword on a working computer. (Download iSeePassword program on here)
  • Burn iSO file to DVD/CD/USB drive (USB is the easiest)

Best Tools Of Windows 10/8/7 Password Reset

  • Plug this disk into the computer and boot the locked computer
  • Select the password and user accounts that need to reset and reset them

Best Tools Of Windows 10/8/7 Password Reset

The computer will be restarted within a few minutes, after this, you can access your computer without password. the best part of iSeePassword is that it doesn’t cause any damage to other data on the Windows 10/8/7 computer, you can use it safely.


3. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password is the unique and totally different tool from the others tools because it does not recover your password it delete your password completely so after this you can set a new password for your Windows account.

Best Tools Of Windows 10/8/7 Password Reset

This software works like Ophcrack same process will be done first download the ISO image and mount it to the boot device and when you connect to the computer all the process will start but one thing is that this tool is much faster as compared to the Ophcrack.

But the big problem of this tool is that it is difficult to use because you have some knowledge of command line after this you can use it If you have a knowledge of command line then this tool is the best tool for you and it is totally free.


4. John the Ripper

John The Ripper password recovery tool is the latest and modern recovery tool. Basically, this tool is free but it requires some type of special words to recover the Windows password but remember that list of all these special words is not free you have to pay for this. However, it is possible to find the alternative words.

Best Tools Of Windows 10/8/7 Password Reset

This password recovery software is made for advanced users because it includes the command interface because of this it is difficult to understand for new users.


Here I have listed 4 tools for Windows 10/8/7 password reset and i personally tested it on my computer one by one. Offline NT Password is the one that I spend the most time on, because it’s completely text-based, and iSeePassword is the fastest of them all, all the steps are done in 20 minutes.

If you are interested you can go to iSeePassword website for more.