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How To Save Your Brain From Degradation?

Brain From Degradation - Learning

November 23rd, 2017   |   Updated on March 7th, 2020

All people want to live long and happy, and most importantly want to remain healthy. How to store physical form, more or less, is understandable – proper nutrition, timely rest, optimal physical activity. And what will help not to lose intellectual abilities?

Brain From Degradation

In order to perform better paper writing and receive good marks for it, memory should be developed. After all, the intellect does not go away and there is the ability to maintain the flexibility of consciousness. If you adhere to certain recommendations, you can maintain clarity of mind and good memory from student years and to the elderly.

Several writing tips:

1. Good and proper nutrition

On a diet, it is necessary to include products rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids: fatty fish, walnuts, seeds, olive oil. These substances keep the vessels of the brain. At the same time, it is necessary to abandon the margarine and vegetable fats used in all favourite baking, potato fries, chips. These products, on the contrary, worsen the brain’s work. Also important in the diet for a healthy brain are vegetables, fruits, whole grains and skimmed milk products.

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2. Writing essay

Writing essay, even small ones every day, will improve your memory. Write on a variety of topics: how you spent the day, what was the weather, and so on. You can create a diary for this, where you can record events every day.


3. Fill the body with zinc

It is known that the useful substances from the products and drinks are not fully absorbed by the body, but with the age of their assimilation is reduced. This suggests that the brain may not have enough puzzle solving or regular chess games to maintain flexibility. Deficiency of some substances can still lead to degradation. It is proved that zinc is the main substance for the preservation of youth in the brain. Zinc helps to restore the correct supply of blood to the brain, which prevents the development of senile dementia, as well as zinc, improves the ability to work.

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4. Say “No” to Depression and Stress!

Living without stress in our world is difficult. However, regular exercise and communication relieve irritability, anxiety. The danger of stress is that in the body at the moment there is cortisone that kills brain cells, in particular, the cells responsible for memory. This suggests that if you want to keep the clarity of mind, then always find time for relaxation and rest.


5. Learn foreign languages

Numerous studies have shown that learning foreign languages is useful not only from a practical point of view but also continues youth. Scientists have proven that the brain’s electrical activity begins to change with the beginning of the development of a foreign language. It is believed that the study of foreign languages trains the brain is even better than solving the crossword puzzles and solving logical problems. The whole point is that when studying such a complex structure as the language is applied to all areas of the brain. And then no custom writing service will be needed.

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6. Love the green tea

This drink contains a number of antioxidants and chemicals that protect the body’s cells from damage by free radicals. And although green tea is considered safe, still it is necessary to use it in moderate quantities.


7. Train the brain

It turns out that fitness needs not only the body but also the brain. Solving the crosswords, solving mathematical problems, playing chess, books, learning something new – all this kind of simulators for the brain.

If you follow these guidelines from younger years, then you can maintain clarity and acuteness of mind to a very old age.

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