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This Is How Bugatti’s £2million Chiron Hypercars Are Built At The Ultra-Advanced Car Plant

Facts About Bugatti Chiron

March 20th, 2017   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

Hypercar producer Bugatti has provided an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of its its ultra-advanced car plant. What an amazing experience! The facility is so clean that you could dinner off the floor.

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Located near Strasbourg, in Molsheim, in France’s north-east, this is actually the locked-down location where 70 hypercars are being hand-crafted a year, each one of these worth over £2million.

Dream car factory: The facility has a floor space of more than 1,000 square meters and has a unique reflective glossy white floor that ‘creates an atmosphere comparable with the catwalk of a fashion house.

Dream car factory

Every component is constructed by hand and there are no robots in sight. The only electronic tool used in chassis assembly is the ‘EC nutrunner system’, which gives the assembly worker a signal when the right torque value is reached.

EC Nutrunner System

From the moment the customer finalizes the order to delivery it takes approximately six months – not bad for a bespoke £2million car

Bespoke £2 Million Car

One job is to connect the 1,479bhp W16 engine to the 7-speed dual clutch transmission – a combination capable of 261mph.

W16 Engine

Just 20 technicians work at the facility with 12 cars being produced at a time and 70 made every year in total.

Bugatti Technician

This picture shows the technicians attaching the rear end to the carbon-fibre monocoque chassis

Carbon-fibre Monocoque Chassis

Bugatti’s rolling dynamometer is the most powerful of its type in the world and is used throughout the production cycle to ensure the vehicle runs correctly.

Bugatti's Rolling Dynamometer

Any excess power generated by the high-performance dyno is fed back to the local grid in Molsheim.

High-performance Dyno

One of the most striking design elements of the Chiron is the side panel, with a large curving reverse ‘C’ wrapping around the door via the A pillar. It’s also the largest single exterior carbon fiber part in the car industry, Bugatti claims.

Curving Reverse 'c' Wrapping

This is the ‘light tunnel’ where a certified team member carries out a relentless inspection of the finish for more than six hours before the car is given his final approval of the finish

Light Tunnel

Each element of the build is painstakingly checked. In this image, the technician is checking the setting of the rear-view camera

Rear-view Camera

It takes the skilled craftsmen a total of three days to fit the interior parts. The pressure is on to get it exactly to the customer’s order, which includes a variation of trim colors and materials.

Variation Of Trim Colours And Materials

Car fans may think they could look at the Bugatti Chiron for more than six hours with ease – it is undeniably beautiful

Bugatti Chiron

Each Chiron Features An 8.0-litre, W16-cylinder, Quad-turbo Engine Featuring Two-stage Inter-cooling

Each Chiron Features An 8.0-litre, W16-cylinder, Quad-turbo Engine Featuring Two-stage Inter-cooling

The number of quality checks is incredible. This tool is used to ensure the panel gaps are all precisely the same

Quality Checks Is Incredible

Every Chiron is subject to a rain test that replicates monsoon conditions with varying intensity for 30 minutes to show that there are no leaks.

Chiron Is Subject To A Rain Test

Every Chiron is test driven 300 km (186.4 miles) through the Vosges mountain to the airport in Colmar, where it completes test of functions requiring speeds in excess of 155mph on the runway.

Every Chiron Is Test Driven 300 Km

The production facility is located in Molsheim near Strasbourg in the north-east of France at the carmaker’s headquarters.

Bugatti Production Location Molsheim near Strasbourg


The Bugatti Chiron: Some Mind Blowing Facts
Facts About Bugatti Chiron

  • At $2.4 million (£2.0 million) the Chiron is the most expensive ‘high-production’ car in the world in 2017
  • The world’s first production sports car with 1500hp (at 6700rpm) – almost 300hp more than the Veyron it replaces
  • Maximum speed is 261mph with 0-62mph in less than 2.5 seconds
  • The two main catalytic converters are six times as large as the unit fitted to an average family car
  • The active surface of all six catalytic converters corresponds to an area greater than 30 football pitches
  • The transmission has the largest, highest performance clutch fitted to a passenger car
  • Monocoque chassis is as rigid and an LMP1 race car
  • New braking system features Formula One technical modules
  • The electrical system has the electromagnetic compatibility comparable to that of a military vehicle
  • Bugatti emblem crafted from solid 970 fine silver and enamel
  • More than 60,000 liters of air per minute are pushed through the engine
  • In one minute, 800 liters of water are circulated through the engine.

Watch Riding Shotgun In The 1500bhp Bugatti Chiron Video


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