Will Wrinkled Faces Be A Thing Of The Past? Yes, Says The Latest Discovery

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April 6th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Why do wrinkles appears on our skin?

Skin appears youthful as long as new cells keep appearing below the surface of the skin. New cells have very high level of the protein, giving us a youthful appearance.

wrinkles lady

Our skin has the protein, called COL17A1. But this protein is under threat from toxic chemicals, Ultraviolet rays present in the Sun and the stress which we regularly experience. Together, they reduce the level of COL17A1.

All this means we have more weaker cells than the stronger ones, creating a wrinkly appearance to the skin.

Will Wrinkled Faces Be A Thing Of The Past? Will There Be No More Saggy Faces?

A research, published in the journal Nature, has revealed that two chemicals components, namely Y27632 and apocynin, have been discovered which have the potential to boost the production of skin cells having high levels of COL17A1.

Two drugs based on these proteins have been tested in mice and human skin tissue grown in the laboratory. The compounds will soon be tested living humans.

This is an important breakthrough because it can facilitate skin regeneration, giving a new hope to those who want to reduce skin ageing.

The discovery is important because it may help prevent tumors forming. Maintenance of fit cells by reproducing means damaged stem cells as well as tumor-prone cells are losing battle of survival and getting eliminated.

This discovery has implications beyond skin. It suggests that healthy cells in mammals can repopulate adult tissues.

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That means, apart from the skin, other organs could also be regenerated. Mechanisms of cell competition in other tissues need to be studied. Who knows one day we will find new compounds, capable of reversing ageing in other organs.