3 Amazing Attributes Of My Cable Internet

Cable Internet

June 1st, 2018   |   Updated on July 4th, 2018

Digital services hold great importance in our daily life. With every passing day, IT is putting forward new and innovative technologies. Digital utilities have somehow become as important as our daily life physical necessities.

This article gives detailed instructions about the three mesmerizing services by Charter Spectrum and how it has made life beautiful and comfortable for over 25 million US citizens.


What are digital services?

At first it is important for you to know what are and what isn’t included in digital services. The automated services are the ones delivered to the users via an electronic medium. These services mostly include Telephone, Internet, and Cable TV.


What is my cable internet?

My Cable Internet is one of the best and highly reliable retailers for Spectrum services. It aims to provide the subscriber with quality along with the best customer service that doesn’t leave your astray no matter what.

The subscribers have spread throughout the 49 states of US and have nothing but all the happy things to say about the services of this website.


What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is an Enterprise that is operated by a telecommunication corporation known as Charter. In 2016, Charter Cable bought two cable operators and merged them into one.

To this day since the company has formed, Spectrum is known to be providing us the best virtual services and is still aiming to increase the subscriber count with its quality.


What are the services?

The three amazing services include digital phone, high-speed internet, and HD cable TV. Following is an in-depth insight of these services:


1. Digital Phone service (Spectrum Voice):

The phone service by Spectrum provides its user with more than 20 incredible and unique calling features. Users can enjoy free calling throughout the US. Calls are also open for countries like Guam, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

For other countries, the calling plan starts only from $5. Free phone services include Call waiting, call blocking, do not disturb, speed dialing, Caller ID on TV and much more. With enhanced 911 calling feature, the emergency dealing department can pinpoint location well on the map and reach you before anyone else.


2. Cable TV:

My Cable internet is most suitable for Spectrum’s cable TV services. All the channels are in high resolution, and the provider doesn’t charge you extra money for HD. In just minimal price users get to enjoy more than 300 HD channels. With Spectrum app, you can watch on-demand content and live channels for free anytime and anywhere.

The Provider also facilitates free DVR service; you can record your favorite TV shows, movies, and live TV programs for more than 700 hours. The company has designed three package tiers known as Triple play select, triple play silver, and triple play gold respectively. Each package tiers provides a different number of TV networks along with other services.


3. Internet Service:

There is no broadband connection better than Spectrum Internet. Whether it is about speed or performance, the internet service doesn’t seem to disappoint us. The high-performance connection has enough broadband to support all the connected devices without a hint of latency. With each package subscription, the ISP facilitates users with a free pre-configured modem.

The starting download speed is estimated to be more than 60Mbps, and the upload speed is recorded to be 25Mbps. By the end of 2018, Charter will enhance the rate to 1Gbps. Through parental control feature, you will be able to control all the online content that is being accessed by family members of the house.

Charter also provides free hotspot feature that permits the users to stay connected with the world wherever they travel. Last but not the least, the Spectrum Internet service has no data caps which allows the user to use as much internet as they want without fearing to go overboard. This ISP doesn’t restrict your speed or data and doesn’t charge you extra even if you are heavy internet users.