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How To Use A Rifle Scope

Rifle Scope

March 6th, 2019   |   Updated on June 24th, 2019

A rifle scope is a must have equipment to aim correctly for long range shooting. It actually magnifies the image of the target, therefore you can see the target clearly and aim with perfection.

But not all the rifle scopes can’t do this perfectly, you need to have a quality scope. The perfection of the aim also depends on how you use it.

It is a tricky part but not a difficult one. In this whole content, we will discuss on – how to use a rifle scope and can ensure you to increase your accuracy while shooting.

Guide On How To Use A Rifle Scope

Rifle Scope

Here we provide a full description that will cover the rifle scope usage and steps behind the guide to use a rifle scope.


Knowing Your Scope:

First, you have to know about your rifle and it’s supported scope. Do not confuse of microscope with rifle scope. All the scopes will not support to your rifle. After buying the right rifle scope, you need to understand the basics and properties of the scope and make adjustment to make it fit to the rifle.

1. Eyepiece

It is the part of the scope where you will look and the objective lens generates the magnification of the targeted object.


2. Shoulder Of The Scope

The shoulder of the scope helps to hold the objective lens while increasing the diameter.


3. Knobs

There are several knobs in the scope – Windage, Elevation and Parallax knobs. All have different functions and advantages.


4. Power Lens

You need to control your single or variable power lens of the rifle scope.


Know About The Target:

Rifle Scope

It is very important to know or get an idea of the target. Specially, the distance of the target from you and the structure of the target as well. Depending on the distance and structure of the target, you have aim and position yourself.


Make Proper Installation Of Your Scope

Most of the rifles or guns come with mounting system for scope installation. You just need to ensure that your scope mount and scope are same type and install as it is needed. You can find a guideline in the box. Just read it and install it as it says.


Adjust Eye Distance

You need to place your eye in the scope in such a distance that you can get clear image for nice shot. You have to keep a safe distance so that your eye never get seriously injured.


Get A Perfect Level

In order to get a perfect shot, a perfect level with your rifle scope is necessary. You can use amount and bipod for that. A rifle mount can decrease the recoil up to 95% and make your shot amazing.


Adjust The Parallax

You need to adjust the parallax of the rifle scope according to distance of the target. It gives smoother result while shooting and keep the balance well.

Place The Cross Hairs In The Center Of The Target Object:

Position the cross hair in the center and adjust according to the target object.

Final Words:

We try to make the guideline of using a rifle scope as simple as possible. Please share your thoughts about this. We will be very pleased if you give your suggestion on this topic.