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12 Green Ideas To Celebrate World Environment Day 2017 At Your Home

World Environment Day 2017-

May 30th, 2017   |   Updated on August 4th, 2021

World Environment Day is observed on 5th June every year all over the world to make commitment for the cause of maintaining green environment. At global and national levels lot of activities are organized to let people know about the significance of this day.

We will show you 12 green ideas to celebrate world environment day 2017 at your home, check out below:

1. Switch off all unnecessary lights on the eve of World Environment Day and conserve energy

world environment day


2. Make shave manually and avoid using electric shaver to save power

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3. Use laptop to use mail and for important browsing not to just pass the time

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4. Take food in plate as much as you eat to avoid creating leftover

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5. Cook food as much as you can and avoid food wastage



6. Don’t honk on entrance of your home nor in street

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7. Put off tape while shaving and rubbing hands with soap and conserve water

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8. Instead of bucket use thin-hole shower to use minimum water while bathing

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9. Reuse at least one used item on that day and make it your habit

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10. Instead of throwing away, feed the leftover food to birds and animals

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11. Give gift of sapling to your loved ones

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12. If there is space with soil in your home plant a sapling with a small sheet telling about this day

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source : pollutionpollution.com