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25 World Environment Day Quotes To Save Our Beautiful Earth

World Environment Day 2017

Updated on September 3rd, 2019

World Environment Day 2017 Quotes – Celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June every year with these amazing quotes and sayings.

1. When A Man Says To Me, “i Have The Intensest Love Of Nature, At Once I Know That He Has None. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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2. We Do Not Inherit The Earth From Our Ancestors, We Borrow It From Our Children. – Native American Proverb

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3. I Think The Environment Should Be Put In The Category Of Our National Security. Defense Of Our Resources Is Just As Important As Defense Abroad. Otherwise What Is There To Defend? – Robert Redford

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4. Water Is H2o, Hydrogen Two Parts, Oxygen One, But There Is Also A Third Thing, That Makes It Water And Nobody Knows What That Is – D.h. Lawrence

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5. There Are No Passengers On Spaceship Earth. We Are All Crew. – Marshall Mcluhan

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6. Environmentally Friendly Cars Will Soon Cease To Be An Option – They Will Become A Necessity. – Fujio Cho

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7. Environment Quotes And Slogans I Don’t Want To Protect Environment. I Want To Create A World Where The Environment Doesn’t Need Protection  Nature Is Painting For Us, Day After Day, Pictures Of Infinite Beauty. – John Ruskin

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8. Modern Technology Owes Ecology An Apology. – Alan M. Eddison

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9. Suburbia Is Where The Developer Bulldozes Out The Trees, Then Names The Streets After Them. – Bill Vaughn

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10. To Be Whole. To Be Complete. Wildness Reminds Us What It Means To Be Human, What We Are Connected To Rather Than What We Are Separate From. – Terry Tempest Williams

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11. Economic Advance Is Not The Same Thing As Human Progress. – John Clapham

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12. We Have Forgotten How To Be Good Guests, How To Walk Lightly On The Earth As Its Other Creatures Do.- Barbara Ward

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13. It Isn’t Pollution That’s Harming The Environment. It’s The Impurities In Our Air And Water That Are Doing It. – Dan Quayle

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14. Environment Quotes And Slogans They Kill Good Trees To Put Out Bad Newspapers. – James G. Watt

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15. Because We Don’t Think About Future Generations, They Will Never Forget Us. – Henrik Tikkanen

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16. We Cannot Command Nature Except By Obeying Her. – Francis Bacon

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17. We Owe Our Lives To The Sun – How Is It, Then, That We Feel No Gratitude? – Lewis Thomas

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18. We Won’t Have A Society If We Destroy The Environment. – Margaret Mead

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19. Be A Yardstick Of Quality. Some People Aren’t Used To An Environment Where Excellence Is Expected. – Steve Jobs

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20. The Earth Has A Skin And That Skin Has Diseases; One Of Its Diseases Is Called Man. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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21. Our Environment, The World In Which We Live And Work, Is A Mirror Of Our Attitudes And Expectations. – Earl Nightingale

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22. Newspapers: Dead Trees With Information Smeared On Them. – Horizon

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23. Nature Provides Exceptions To Every Rule. – Margaret Fuller

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24. If Civilization Has Risen From The Stone Age, It Can Rise Again From The Wastepaper Age. – Jacques Barzun

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25. Nature Provides A Free Lunch, But Only If We Control Our Appetites. – William Ruckelshaus

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